Astro Arun Pandit: The Grand Master of Astrology 

The Ancient Art of Astrology has been a part of the Indian culture for thousands of years. However, it’s surprising to think that there could be a successful startup based on Astrology and numerology. Arun Tiwari, widely known as ‘Astro Arun Pandit’, has turned this into reality. Arun has achieved a significant milestone in modern astrology by founding ‘Astro Arun Pandit’ and ‘Gems Mantra’. 

Born and raised in Kanpur, Arun Pandit’s journey started in modest surroundings. Since his childhood, he developed a keen interest in astrology due to its mystical nature. Following his zeal for astrology, he studied astrology, numerology, palmistry, and Vastu properly. He laid the groundwork for what would become an extraordinary career by gaining certifications in these fields.

His career got a boost with the establishment of Astro Arun Pandit and Gems Mantra, and soon, he started gaining popularity as an expert astrologer. With nearly five decades of experience, Arun Pandit has become a respected figure in astrology. His commitment to the craft and continual pursuit of knowledge cemented his position as a leading authority.

Arun Pandit’s expertise covers various areas. From offering astrological guidance to numerology insights, palmistry readings, and vastu consultations, he is a versatile practitioner. His gold medal in the field underscores the depth of his knowledge. Moreover, he is not only a practitioner but also a teacher. By imparting his knowledge to over 10,000 students, he has played a vital role in shaping the future generation of astrologers. His commitment to academia has left a profound and enduring influence on the domain..

Having provided consultations to over 100,000 individuals, Arun Pandit’s influence is felt globally. His online presence expands his reach, making him a sought-after astrologer for people worldwide. As a celebrity astrologer, he has been invited to speak at esteemed platforms like TEDx and Josh Talk, highlighting the respect he commands and the relevance of his insights.

His tremendous work in astrology, numerology, palmistry, and Vastu has been recognised globally. He has received various titles and accolades over the years: Jyotish Prabhakar, Jyotish Sudarshan, Jyotish Shashtri, Devine Readers Award, Asia Pacific Vastu Award, and Maharishi Jaimini Gold Medal. In addition, he is recognised as Asia’s top neurologist. 

In the digital era, Arun established himself with a community of over 2.5 million followers on YouTube and Instagram. His online presence emphasises his influence and accessibility in a world increasingly reliant on digital platforms. His impact transcends mere numbers and charts. His deep understanding of astrology continues to provide guidance and exert a significant influence on a broad audience. As a prominent Indian astrologer online, he remains at the forefront of shaping perspectives and providing valuable counsel.

Arun Pandit also hosts a podcast show – “The Arun Pandit Show,” which is a platform where ancient Vedic science intersects with the principles of modern success. As a respected astrologer and well-known occult practitioner, he designed each episode carefully to enhance your life. Thus, he embarks on a continuous journey of self-improvement, providing spiritual guidance, career advice, and profound wisdom to enrich the audience’s life. 

His journey from being a dedicated student to one of the most renowned astrologers and numerologists is truly inspiring. His commitment, knowledge, and ability to connect with people have made him a stalwart in the field of astrology. As he continues to inspire and guide, he is a benchmark for those seeking clarity and direction in their lives.

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