Top Automotive Consulting Companies In India

With the change in innovation and technology, India is becoming a hub for many automotive players to establish their strong brand value. A professional consulting firm plays a vital role in establishing its presence and understanding the market dynamics of any automation company. Using various strategic insights, automotive consulting companies in India facilitate market entry strategies for automotive players. They also analyse consumer preferences and emerging trends to develop various business strategies. As India continues to emerge as the key player in the global automotive industry, these consulting firms are playing a crucial role for automotive companies in navigating challenges and finding opportunities for growth.

In today’s article, we will discuss some of India’s top automotive consulting firms. These firms offer expertise in areas like strategy, operations, technology, and sustainability within the automotive industry. Before that, let’s start with a basic definition of Automotive Consulting. 

What is Automotive Consulting? 

Automotive consulting refers to a specialised area within the consulting industry that focuses on providing strategic advice, expertise, and solutions to businesses operating in the automotive sector. This could include automakers (OEMs), suppliers, dealerships, aftermarket companies, and other stakeholders in the automotive industry. Many automotive industries in India provide consulting services to enhance efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness within India’s rapidly evolving automotive landscape.

Moreover, many automotive consultant firms in India offer expertise in areas such as electric and autonomous vehicles, sustainability initiatives, and digital transformation. Using their industry knowledge and insights, they help clients stay ahead of emerging trends and remain competitive. 

Best Automotive Consulting Companies in India 

From Roland Berger to Accenture, here is a list of some of the top automotive consulting companies in India. If you are into automation and looking for a reliable automotive firm, read the article till the end.

1. Roland Berger 

Roland Berger is one of the best automotive consulting companies in India. They provide a suite of comprehensive services such as market analysis, operational enhancement, and various digital transformation strategies. Their speciality is their Triple Transformation framework and entrepreneurial enabling clients to stay ahead in the ever-evolving automotive landscape. Moreover, they also provide you with guidance in managing complex business integrations and expansions to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

List of Services Roland and Berger

  • Mergers and Acquisition 
  • Sales and Marketing 
  • Digital Transformation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Operations 

2. McKinsey & Company: 

Talking about the best automotive consulting companies in India, McKinsey & Company stands out as a premier consulting firm offering a wide range of advisory services to the automotive industry. Their expertise involves strategic planning, operational optimization, and organisational transformation, helping automotive companies streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. With a global presence and a team of seasoned consultants, McKinsey brings innovative solutions to address challenges such as supply chain management, digital transformation, and market entry strategies. 

List of Services  McKinsey & Company

  • Operations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Growth Marketing and Sales 
  • Sustainability 
  • People and Organisational Performance

3. Kepler

Kepler is one of the top automotive consulting companies in India that specialises in providing various automotive services to meet the needs of the growing automotive industry. Their unique selling point is their ability to perform across the entire value chain of automotive operations, from strategic planning and market analysis to product development. With a team of seasoned experts and a deep understanding of the industry, Kepler delivers exceptional solutions that drive innovation and enhance efficiency for their clients. Moreover, with their supply chain consulting, they help businesses in logistics and distribution processes that are an integral part of the automotive industry.

List of Services Kepler 

  • Supply Chain Consultation
  • Operations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Product Development
  • Logistics and Distribution 

4. Accenture 

Accenture is one of the oldest and top automotive consulting companies in India. With their globally scaled and data-driven approach, they help companies to grow and gain an advantage over their competitors. Their unique selling point is their ability to transform your business from scratch, analysing every aspect that can help your business grow, including digital transformation, sales and development and much more. Moreover, Accenture’s deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour enables them to align with the automotive industry’s evolving needs, promoting long-term success and competitive advantage for their clients. 

List of Services Accenture

  • Business Strategies
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Financial Consulting
  • Digital Engineering
  • Application Services 

5. TecNova

Tecnova is one of the best automotive consulting firms in India that specialises in helping global brands establish their brand image in the Indian market. Their USP is their knowledge of the local Indian market, which helps them attract a lot of foreign brands to position themselves successfully in the Indian market landscape. From advanced business development strategies to executive search services, TecNova ensures a smooth market entry and sustained growth for global automotive brands in India. Their track record of successful partnerships and market penetration speaks volumes about their expertise and effectiveness in navigating the complex Indian automotive landscape.

List of Services Accenture

  • Implementation
  • Executive Search
  • Automation
  • Business Development 
  • Data and Analytics 

6. Motorvise 

Motorvise is an automotive consulting firm offering various solutions to improve revenue, profitability and customer retention. They mostly deal in automotive dealerships, and their unique selling point is their flexible approach to customer needs, tailored strategies, and data-driven insights, ensuring sustainable growth in a competitive market. Moreover, you can also benefit from their after-sales consultancy, where they ensure that your business gets post-sales revenue with a good customer retention rate. 

List of Services Motorvise 

  • Dealership Consultancy 
  • After Sales Consultancy
  • Car Sale Events 
  • Car Manufacture Consultancy 

7. EY (Ernst and Young Global Limited) 

The global brand EY is undoubtedly one of the best automotive consulting companies in India. With a range of services, EY specialises in providing strategic insights, market analysis, and technological solutions to the growing needs of the automotive industry. They provide expert services in various areas, such as supply chain optimization, regulatory compliance, and digital transformation, enabling clients to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market. One of the biggest advantages of choosing EY is its expertise in utilising the power of artificial intelligence. Using various AI techniques, EY not only helps your business grow but also provides a detailed roadmap of how your business will be in the future.

List of Services EY 

  • Artificial Intelligence Consulting
  • Operations and Supply Chain
  • Customer Experience
  • Cybersecurity Consultation
  • Marketing and Sales

8. Bain and Company 

If you are looking for the top automotive consulting companies in India that offer more than just consultation, Bain and Company is the go-to partner. Apart from offering complex automation solutions, they help you provide a holistic view of market dynamics, which means starting from the zero approach, they help your business flourish by employing all the innovative approaches. From research and development to sales and marketing, Bain and Company helps you stay one step ahead of your competitors. One of the top consulting companies in India, it provides services in various industries such as Automotive, Banking, Aviation, Financial services and much more. 

List of Services Bain and Company 

  • Technology and Innovation Consulting
  • Research and Development 
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Digital Transformation
  • Financial Consulting 

9. NCM Associates 

If you are looking for a consulting firm that only provides automotive consultancy, NCM Associates is what we recommend. It is a team of experts who believe in changing the fortune of the automotive industry by providing effective solutions to enhance dealership performance. One of the best automotive consulting companies in India, their unique selling point is their ability to combine different aspects of automotive operations, from sales to service, to optimise overall dealership performance. With focus solely on the automotive sector, NCM Associates brings specialised knowledge and tailored strategies to improve efficiency and profitability. Their track record of success and industry expertise make them a top choice for automotive consultancy needs.

List of Services NCM Associates 

  • Automotive Software Solutions
  • Automotive Training Programmes 
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Research and Development 

10. Deloitte

Deloitte is a global professional services firm that offers consulting services to automotive companies in India. They assist in areas such as risk management, regulatory compliance, and business transformation. One of the best automotive consulting companies in India Deloitte, supply chain operations helps enhance business growth with manufacturing, implementation and execution. Moreover, with the use of innovative technologies such as AI, they help their clients navigate market challenges and stay competitive in an evolving industry landscape. With a deep understanding of local regulations and global best practices, Deloitte provides solutions to promote sustainable success for automotive companies across India.

List of Services Deloitte

  • Risk Advisory Consulting
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations Management 
  • Applications Management 

These were some of the best automotive consulting companies in India.

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