Axicades To Deliver Drone Systems To The Indian Army

Axicades, a prominent player in the C-UAV sector, is all set to supply the Indian Army with a cutting-edge drone system. This significant deal, valued at Rs. 100 crores, will equip the Indian Army with MPCDS ((Man Portable Counter Drone Systems) drone technology for the first time, potentially enhancing their operational capabilities.

Axicades developed the advanced drone system MPCDS, which can operate on both the battery and main power supply. These drones can easily cover multiple frequency spectrums, including Command and control and Navigation. This capability allows them to detect and jam drones within a range of 5 km.

As per Arun Krishnamurthi, CEO and MD of the company, “This is the first Counter Drone System being inducted into the Indian Defence forces in the man-portable category, and the system is being deployed at multiple locations across various commands in the Indian Army. We aim to continue to innovate and provide advanced security solutions to meet the evolving needs of our armed forces.

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Axicades Background

Axicades is a leading engineering solution provider based in Bengaluru. The company is known for providing cutting-edge technological solutions to sectors such as aerospace, defence, heavy engineering, automotive, and energy. It also has operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and China.

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