Five Best AI Companies In India You Should Know

The world is developing every minute, and technologies are changing at an unprecedented rate. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the latest technology and contributes to several industries by making them better. In order to boost performance and keep your business ahead of the competition, you need help from the best AI companies in India.  

Following is the list of the top AI companies in India that are performing best as of now and helping different sectors, such as fashion, footwear, education and many others. Before moving ahead, learn the importance of AI Technology for better insights.   

Importance of AI technology 

AI technology is trying to incorporate human intelligence into the machine. It helps computers and machines to act like humans in tasks. Artificial intelligence is helpful in all segments. It helps businesses from various industries to automate the process and repeat the task automatically through ML-powered solutions.

That’s not all. It reduces the operational cost of the business and increases the efficiency of the work. In a nutshell, AI technology is innovative, and the best AI companies in India are utilising their power and coming up with something unique. 

Let’s look at these best AI companies in India and see how they contribute to Indian growth. 

List of companies in India using AI technology

A large number of AI companies have arrived in the Indian market. So India has become the centre of talent in AI. The following are the best artificial intelligence companies listed in India.

When looking for the best AI companies in India, is listed as number one. provides a conversational CX platform for consumer-centric companies. It effectively merged human intelligence and artificial intelligence to create a consumer experience at scale.’s vision is to automate customer experience across channels with the best of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. In short, the company aims to elevate the business-to-consumer interactions of every enterprise worldwide and make them personal, intuitive, and real-time. 


Avaamo is one of the best AI companies in India, which provides conversational platforms. This AI startup offers immediate and personal assistance to industries like healthcare, banking, education, insurance and supply chain. 

This company provides several AI services, including conversational platforms, intelligent virtual assistants, cognitive search, voice AI, cognitive search, and security & compliance. It automates the assistance process with the help of these services and reduces the hassle of the different business niches. 

Nextbillion AI 

Nextbillion AI is one of the artificial intelligence companies listed in India. It is an innovative AI startup founded by Ajay Bulusu, Gaurav Bubna, and Shaolin Zheng in 2020. The company is counted as one of the best AI companies in India, known for building mapping platforms for enterprises. 

It helps businesses with all address-related requirements such as last-mile, optimisation, managing road restrictions, navigation and finding the best vehicle routes. Since its inception, the Nextbillion AI has mopped more than two lakh kilometres of road, and it has also managed more than one lakh restrictions and handles two lakh million API calls. 

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Founded in 2015 by Ranakant Vempati and Ji Aggarwal, Wysa is a renowned AI startup in India providing mental health solutions. It helps people experiencing low mood, stress or anxiety and who want to improve their emotional resilience through evidence-based tools and techniques. 

The Bangalore-based startup, Wysa, is one of the best AI companies in India for providing 24*7 professional experts. Wysa provides high-quality mental health assistance using Cognitive-behavioural Techniques (CBTs). One of the best things about this company is that it encourages you to maintain your mental well-being. 

Intello Labs

Intello Labs is a well-known AI startup in India that works to minimise food wastage. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision to determine the quality and freshness of the fruits and vegetables. The entire process reduces the wastage of fruit, and its speciality makes it one of the best AI companies in India. 

Intello Labs uses technologies like IntelloPack, Intellograde, and IntelloSort that help to deliver complete transparency of the food to the sellers and consumers. With the help of these technologies, the company improves the satisfaction of the growers, traders, retailers, food services companies, exporters, consumers, etc. 

With no second thought, AI is the future of India. The country is gaining popularity in AI and providing innovative services with the help of the best AI companies in India. 

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