Beer Companies In India: Which Beer Do You Prefer?

India’s beer market has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. According to recent statistics, India’s beer market will grow at a CAGR of over 3.7% during the period from 2022 to 2027. From major international giants to local beer suppliers, there are plenty of options for beer lovers to choose from. But with so many options, confusion arises: Which beer is the best, or Which are the best beer companies in India? Although many beer manufacturing companies promise to deliver the best quality and taste, we need to be sure of what we drink as consumers. 

So, to clear up your confusion, we are listing down some of the top beer manufacturing companies in India that assure both quality and commitment.

Top 8 Beer Companies in India

From your all-time favourite Kingfisher to all-season Carlsberg, here is the list of some of the best beer manufacturing companies in India 

1. Kingfisher, United Breweries Group 

Kingfisher, owned by United Breweries Group, is one of the oldest and top beer companies in India. It was launched in 1978 and holds an important position in India’s top 10 beer brands. With a total market share of more than 36%, Kingfisher Premium is the flagship variant that is not only sold in India but also in Europe and many export markets. The company gained headlines when it entered the world of cricket. Today, Kingfisher is one of the main sponsors of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Over the years, Kingfisher has launched many variants and flavours to meet the growing needs of Indian audiences. Their top variants include Kingfisher Premium, Kingfisher Ultra, and Kingfisher Blue.

2. Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd

A subsidiary of a Danish brewing company, Carlsberg, is one of the top beer companies in India. The company entered the Indian market in 2007, and since then, it has become one of the favourite brands of Indian audiences. Known for its quality and distinct taste, the beer has a light, pale yellow colour and a gentle, hoppy taste. By improving the brewing process, Carlsberg has made it smoother for those who love premium beer. They found that purifying the yeast used in brewing makes a big difference, and based on this concept, the beer was formed.  Nevertheless, it operates breweries across the country and offers a range of beer brands, including Carlsberg, Tuborg, and others. Carlsberg Elephant is one of the best-selling beers of the Carlsberg brand.

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3. Bira 91, B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd. 

Bira 91 is a craft beer that has maintained a strong position in the Indian beverages market. Over the years, it has captured people’s attention with its unique, colourful branding and mild taste. Apart from beer, the brand also offers drinking lagers and fruit beer, so if you are a non-alcoholic person, you can try these products. Although people do not usually prefer Bira 91, its wide range of products makes it one of the best beer companies in India. Moreover, its innovative marketing strategies and collaborations with various events and artists have contributed to its popularity and success in the Indian market. The top variants of Bira 91 include Bira 91 blonde, Bira 91 light, Bira 91 white and Bira 91 IPA. 

4. Anheuser-Busch InBev:

Besides being one of the largest brewing companies globally, Anheuser-Bush InBev is slowly entering the list of top beer companies in India. With popular beer brands under its name, such as Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois, it is establishing a strong image in the Indian market. By catering to the growing demand for premium beer,  AB InBev aims to become the best beer manufacturing companies in India. Most of the revenue of this company comes from Budweiser beer only. Some of its premium-selling products include Budweiser Magnum and Budweiser Premium. 

5. Dhasabuja Breweries Pvt. Ltd

With the beer market growing at a much faster rate, more and more beer manufacturing companies in India are entering the picture. Dhasabuja Breweries Pvt. Ltd, also known as Molson Coors Cobra India, is a merger of Molson Coors Brewing Company and Cobra Indian Beer Pvt. Ltd. The brand produces a wide range of beers, such as Cobra Premium, King Cobra and Thunderbolt, to meet the demands of diverse Indian tastes. With Thunderbolt being its Hero product, the company aims to become one of the best beer companies in India, with a total share capital of more than 355 crores. 

6. Bee Young, Kimaya Himalayan Beverages

Bee Young is a strong beer made under the brand name of Kimaya Himalayan Beverages. Although it’s a niche brand, looking at the popularity of Bee Young, days are near when Kimaya Himalayan beverages will register its name among the top beer companies in India. The beer has a strong yet fruitful taste and various ingredients, making it perfect for social settings and small gatherings. With an ABV of 7.2%, Bee Young is all set to make a mark in the Indian beer industry.

7. Mohan Meakin Limited

You might not have heard the name, but Mohan Meakin is one of the oldest and richest beer companies in India. The company was launched in 1934, and since then, it has been serving the diverse tastes of Indian audiences. Its hero product, Golden Eagle, also known as King of Beers in India, is one of the finest beers you can have. Interestingly, Golden Eagle has also launched various variants under its own brand name. Some of the variants include Golden Eagle Lager, Golden Eagle Premium, Lager Beer, etc. You can say Mohan Meakin is the parent company of Golden Eagle, which produces and distributes various variants of Golden Eagle all over India. 

8. Godfather, Devans Modern Breweries Ltd

Devans Modern Breweries Ltd. is known for its premium beer, Beer Godfather. Founded in 1961, it is one of the best beer companies in India. The beer is known for its bold and strong flavour, offering a powerful punch with each sip. It comes in basic yet powerful variants: the legendary premium strong and Super 8. Although there is not much difference in taste between the two, most people prefer the legendary premium strong beer. Moreover, Premium Strong beer was honoured with a Gold medal at Spiritz Awards 2020 because of its superior quality and rich taste. Serving the tastes of the people for the last 60 years, Godfather indicates the rich quality of taste, tradition and luxury. 

Our Final Take 

When we talk about the best or top beer companies in India, people mostly remember two or three names, and that too of the beer, not a company. The above-mentioned breweries have established themselves through a combination of taste, branding, and market presence. Despite the emerging competition, their legacy and consumer loyalty ensured they remain among India’s top beer manufacturing companies, making a mark on the Indian alcohol and beverages market. 

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