10 Best CEOs in India 2022 | Traits That Make Them Stand Out

Great CEOs are made, not born. The CEO holds the most crucial responsibilities of any business. Though a CEO has good interpersonal skills, certain traits make them stand out. The 10 best CEOs in India 2022 are ideal examples of such characteristics. The best CEOs 2022 show unbeatable charisma and zeal to achieve the unexpected. 

Tradeflock took this into consideration and interviewed the top CEOs 2022. We curated our list on the basis of certain traits, as mentioned herein: –   

How Did We Choose The 10 Best CEOs in India 2022? 

Great CEOs and CFOs often have certain core traits that distinguish them from their peers. Still, it can be hard to pinpoint what makes them so effective. Tradeflock previously aligned the 10 best CFO’s in India and has now curated a list of some necessary traits and qualities found in the 10 best CEOs in India 2022. 


The first and foremost quality of successful CEOs is leadership. A CEO is the head of any organisation, therefore, it is mandatory that he/ she knows how to lead. By leading, we don’t mean being authoritative and delegating the tasks to the employees. The top Indian CEO knows how to steer their business forward by leading the employees to reach their goals.  


Risk is a part of the business, and nobody can guarantee that a business is risk-free. This is the reason it is essential for the 10 best CEOs in India to have optimism. Regardless of the hikes and dips of the market, a CEO should be optimistic. He/she needs to believe that the business will overcome any loss with the right inspiration. 


The best CEOs of all time should be visionary. While motivations and ambition are great qualities, grounding them to reality is a necessity. Thus, the best CEOs 2022 should have a strong vision and need to believe in the direction they want to steer their business. 


As important as it is to be a good leader, it is equally essential to be a good listener. The best CEOs 2022 should be receptive to their fellow executives and employees. The top Indian CEOs should be open to the inputs of the company directors.  


Another essential quality that the best CEOs 2022 is loyalty. When a CEO is loyal, even the employees are inspired. A loyal CEO can steer the business to new heights of success. Loyalty works like a chain trait. It is passed on from a great CEO to its employees and further to the business clients and customers.   


The CEOs of top companies should be confident. Their charisma and confidence need to be reflected in their decisions and strategies. It is observed that the 10 best CEOs in India 2022 have confident personalities and believe in their vision and business mission.

Critical Thinking 

Critical thinking is another trait possessed by the 10 best CEOs in India 2022. In layman’s terms, critical thinking is the ability to make decisions with a clear and strong head and thorough analysis. The best CEOs in India should look out for all the possible outcomes before finalising any decision. 


With good interpersonal skills, anyone can be a good CEO, but to be one of the best CEOs 2022, compassion should be their core value. Compassion brings CEOs a step closer to their employees. This relieves stress from employees while increasing their productivity and inspiring them. 


Lastly, a great CEO is a curious person. Regardless of the corporate position, being curious is a pretty important factor. The top CEOs of India should always be interested in learning new ways and accepting new inputs. 

Follow us to see the faces of the 10 best CEOs in India 2022. Each CEO on our list is an exclusive member, picked on the basis of the characteristics mentioned above.

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