10 Best CXOs in India 2024: Redefining Businesses, Transforming Experiences

As businesses are considering customer experience as a vital differentiator, CXO (Chief Experience Officer), a new role in the C-suite has been carved out. A Walker Study conducted in 2020 has revealed that customer experience will replace the price and product as a crucial brand differentiator. Chief Experience Officers, an emerging role in the C-suite, take care of the buyer’s journey and product lifecycle. They are the identifiers who give insights about the required improvements to achieve optimum customer engagement and satisfaction. 

At TradeFlock, when we started our quest for 10 Best Chief Experience Officers in India 2024, we interviewed many CEOs, CPOs, and experts to determine the key traits of top chief experience leaders which are mentioned below. 

Embracers of New Technologies

Leading CXOs keep an eye on emerging technologies that can support their ultimate goal of enhanced customer experience. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, they keep their organisation ahead of the curve. Many COXs across the world have adopted augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, and big data to provide them with a compelling experience.

Always Ready For Collaboration & Partnership

An effective CXO always remains ready to collaborate and build partnerships with other leaders in the C-suite including CEO, CHRO, COO, CFO and CTO. Working closely with these C-suite leaders, CXO develops an in-depth understanding of the business objectives of each executive and utilises the gathered insights to enhance the company’s experience efforts. While identifying the 10 Best Chief Experience Officers in India 2024, TradeFlock looks for a collaborative approach in CXOs. 

They Come With Client-first Mindset

Top CXOs in India put the customer at the centre of their decision-making instead of the product or service. They actively seek methods to deliver a positive customer experience continuously. By ensuring the effective execution of a customer-first strategy and understanding what customers desire, they deliver a compelling experience to their customers. 

Transformation Drivers

As a captain of the customer experience, leading CXOs in India drive or significantly contribute to driving the digital transformation within the organisation. They are responsible for aligning the organisation’s digital transformation initiatives with its ultimate business objectives and ensuring that the organisation supports the customers’ needs. While identifying the 10 Best CXOs in India 2024, TradeFlock evaluates them on the basis of skills for driving digital transformation. 

Knows Customer Journey Inside Out

Influential CXOs look at their offerings from the customer’s eyes and accordingly design tools, processes, products and services. They understand the customer journey with their offerings and understand well what is best for their customers, and it reflects in their decision-making as well. TradeFlock picks its 10 Best CXOs in India 2024 on the basis of their understanding of the inside-out customer journey. 

Hands-on Experience In Data Management

Data is now vital for any business, regardless of industry and nature. With the rise of Big Data, more businesses are now gathering and storing data about their customers, employees, competitors, products and any other aspects, which is crucial to understand consumer behaviour. Top CXOs in India gain efficiency in MGM (Master Data Management), which is about managing data across different systems.  

Transformers of Customer Experience

Leaders of Customer Experiences enhance the customer experience by ensuring that every customer journey is lined up with the vision, values, and company’s commitments toward the customers. TradeFlock identifies and acknowledges these leaders, including Chief Customer Experience Officers, Heads of Customer Service, VP of Customer Support and Service, and Senior Managers of Customer Success, to recognise them as India’s leading and influential CXOs.

Creating Advocates and Loyalty

Leading Chief Experience Officers create a strong advocacy marketing strategy to transform their loyal customers into their brand advocates. They understand well that every action of a customer, be it a social media post, referral or review plays a vital role in creating a brand image and ultimately reflects in higher revenue. TradeFlock evaluates how efficiently a chief experience officer creates brand advocates to compile its list of 10 Best CXOs in India 2024.

The above-mentioned traits and characteristics are of influential chief experience officers, and TradeFlock considers them as a standard for picking its 10 Best Chief Experience Officers in India.  

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Head - Planning, Logistics and Customer Service

Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Sr Manager Customer Experience

Director of Customer Success

VP - Customer Success & Account Management

Chief Experience Officer

Sr Customer Success Manager Architect

Sr VP Customer Support and Service

Chief Experience Officer

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