10 Best Chief Medical Officers in India 2022

The 10 best chief medical officers in India are not only essential leaders of their health facilities but also contribute in shaping the future of healthcare facilities in India. CMOs are responsible for patient care; besides, they hold a key vote in shaping the strategies for their business. Furthermore, even CEOs from different sectors agree that CMOs hold an essential role in the brand image of their facilities. Tradeflock has carefully analysed every aspect of CMOs; thus, we came up with top traits that distinguish the 10 best chief medical officers in India from the rest.  

What Traits Make The Best CMOs In India?

With evolving technology and changing strategies across the business plan, the traits and skills should also evolve. The 10 best chief medical officers in India prove that upscaling their traits and behaviour can put them above the rest. Speaking of CMOs , here are the top traits based on which Tradeflock curated its list of 10 best chief medical officers in India. 

Liaisons Between The Medical And Administrative Side

Top CMOs in India bridge the gap between the management and medical staff, therefore, they must have the essential knowledge and experience of management as well as clinical practice. Apart from having deep clinical understanding about patient care to understand clinical staff’s needs, they also tend to focus on financials. On its journey to determine 10 best chief medical officers in India 2022, TradeFlock evaluates the ability of leaders in the medical field to be a liaison between the management and clinical staff. 

Strong clinical background with a shared history 

Influential medical leaders come from a profound clinical background and they spend considerable time in serving as physician and senior doctor. It helps them to communicate effectively with other clinical staff in a common language and build trust and support from people around them. While compiling its list of 10 best chief medical officers in India 2022, TradeFlock ensures they have a profound experience as a professional in the medical field. 

Principled but not inflexible

Leading chief medical officers are people of principles and ethical standards, but compromises and negotiations are also vital parts of a CMO’s job. Many times they have to choose a mid way to ensure welfare of all including clinical staff, stakeholders and organisational administration. At TradeFlock, we look for the ability to maintain a balance between ethics and negotiation while picking the 10 best chief medical officers in India 2022. 

A lifelong learner that values continuous development 

Lifelong learning is an essential component of the dedication to becoming a successful healthcare leader. Healthcare executives should commit to participate in training courses that establish a mix of healthcare management capabilities and an expanding set of people skills in order to fully engage in professional and leadership development activities.

Tradeflocks assesses leaders based on their zeal to learn new things and skills to consolidate 10 best chief medical officers in India 2022.  

Exhibits passion for quality

People in healthcare are life savers, therefore they don’t easily compromise with the quality of healthcare services or patient care. India’s leading chief medical officers supervise their organisations to ensure the optimum quality in services and care. They can’t tolerate a slight decrease in the set standard and remain passionate about the quality. Healthcare leaders having these characteristics fall in TradeFlock’s 10 best chief medical officers in India 2022. 

Hands-on experience in successful conflict management 

Conflict is a growing concern in the healthcare sector and as an extreme expression workplace violence is on the surge. The conflict of patients and their relatives negatively impact the efficiency, confidence and self esteem of healthcare professionals. As an inspiration and leader in a healthcare setup, top CMOs in India must have a deep understanding on how to deal with a conflict effectively. TradeFlock elects its 10 best chief medical officers in India 2022 by evaluating their conflict management skills. 

Keen awareness of conceivable cutting-edge technologies

In modern days, chief medical officers play a crucial role in technology planning and execution, and they have no shortage of responsibilities. From ensuring quality care and educating healthcare professionals to managing organisational culture, they have to deal with numerous things. Innovative technologies considerably help them to fulfil their roles effectively, therefore leading CMOs in India keep a close eye on potential technologies that can be useful for them and their organisations. 

Utilises informal networks to influence health system leadership

Inspirational CMOs remain connected to numerous networks of healthcare providers, clinical experts, physicians, pharmacists and other specialists. This network convenes CMOs who are leaders in their field and have leadership responsibility or influence for the culture of health and performance. 

Creates benchmarks for key performance indicators

Efficient and successful chief medical officers develop meaningful and systematic data aligned to vital organisational goals. They use key performance indicators to generate meaningful data about activities or actions in a manner that all stakeholders can recognise them. Thus, leading CMOs in India evaluate non-qualifiable aspects such as the impact of existing time to industry, recognised revenue channel, or enhanced quality. 

Disinclined to follow and value autonomy

India’s best CMO’s give high value to autonomous decision making, therefore they are generally disinclined to collaborate with someone or follow someone else’s instructions. It is because of the nature of their academics and training. TradeFlock chooses its 10 best CMOs in India 2022 based on their approach to lead autonomously and their hesitance to follow someone else path. 

On the basis of these traits, TradeFlock decorates its 10 best CMOs in India 2022. CMOs are assessed on these measures to grab a slot in this list. 

Company Name

Person Name


Senior Manager (HEAD) Environment Health Safety Community

Chief Medical Services

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Director & Managing Trustee (Head Robotic Surgery Division)

Medical & Patient Affairs Director, SERVIER INDIA

Head Medical Affairs

Head- Global Medical affairs

Chief Medical Officer & Aerospace Medicine Specialist

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Director

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