Best Chief People Officers in India 2023


In the ever-evolving business world, Chief People Officers (CPOs) have become the unsung heroes behind organisational success. These extraordinary leaders possess the rare ability to unlock the potential of their greatest asset: their people. In this exclusive feature, we turn the spotlight on the crème de la crème of CPOs, whose remarkable contributions and exemplary leadership have set them apart in the field.
With strategic prowess and a profound understanding of the modern workforce, these standout CPOs have revolutionised traditional HR practices, redefining them as catalysts for growth. Their innovative approaches to talent management, coupled with cutting-edge recruitment methods and data-driven insights, have assembled dream teams that drive innovation and outshine the competition.

These exceptional individuals have also cultivated employee-centric cultures that prioritise engagement, well-being, and continuous learning. Through game-changing initiatives like mentorship programs, dynamic leadership development opportunities, and real-time feedback systems, they have fostered environments where employees flourish, bringing their best ideas to the table and reaching new heights of productivity.

Moreover, these CPO stars have been at the forefront of the diversity and inclusion revolution. Breaking down barriers, promoting gender equality, and championing inclusivity, they have created workplaces that embrace the power of diversity and provide equal opportunities for all. The achievements and forward-thinking approaches of these Chief People Officers serve as an inspiration to professionals in the field, offering valuable insights into the changing landscape of HR. Their unwavering commitment to nurturing talent, fostering vibrant cultures, and driving diversity is a testament to the immense impact CPOs can have on organisational success.

Join us as we dive into the exceptional journeys and accomplishments of these outstanding CPOs, unravelling the strategies that have propelled them to the forefront of their industry. Their stories illuminate the transformative power of visionary HR leadership and provide invaluable lessons for organisations striving for excellence in today’s competitive business arena.

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Head - People, Process and Governance

Chief People & Culture Officer

Director - People Experience

Vice President-People Operations & Global Programs

Head - People Strategy

Sr. Director Global HR Technology, People Analytics & HR Shared Services

Chief People Officer

President and Global Chief People Officer

Head of People APAC

Head of People