10 Best Chief People Officers in India 2024: Making Businesses Better

Picking up gems from a hoard needs a lot of consideration. When it comes to filtering the 10 best chief people officers in India 2024, we must consider some essential traits. CPO is a position that requires a  specific set of skills and competencies. Apart from exceptional written and verbal communication, this profile takes much more. 

We had dialogues with chief people officers from different reputed organisations and industries to sort out 10 best chief people officers in India 2024 and evaluated them based on the following attributes.  


The foremost characteristic of the 10 Best chief people officers in India 2024 is authenticity. Trust is an asset, and people tend to trust someone authentic and honest. Acting with integrity and genuineness is a must-have virtue for a CPO to gain employees’ trust. 

Business + Tech Savvy 

To secure a spot on the list of the 10 best chief people officers in India 2024, a CPO must understand business operations and know how to apply different aspects of technology to make the system evident and smooth. They must demonstrate how technically adequate they are on the strategic table.

Calmness and Comfort With Ambiguity

Businesses usually witness instability due to economic, social and political consequences.  The 10 best chief people officers in India 2024 lead organisations with calmness and handle ambiguity with sheer comfort to tackle such situations. They do not get affected by the external volatility and make cogent decisions favouring the organisation and business. 

Change Management 

In the era of rapid change, the 10 best chief people officers in India 2024 should be change management experts. They should have an eye to identifying the changing marketing demands and trends that can transform the organisation’s culture accordingly and drive the workforce to adopt the change. 

Courage To Speak In Board Room 

The courage to speak in a board meeting is critical for the 10 best chief people officers in India 2024, concerning their contribution to good board decision-making. They should have the self-awareness to open up to things that are not good for the organisation’s welfare and avoid saying things that they do not entirely mean.  

Emotional Intelligence 

The 10 best chief people officers in India 2024 should understand, use, and handle their sentiments in productive ways to diminish stress, express themselves effectively, empathise with others, overcome problems, and tackle conflicts. They must not let their emotions take over their decision-making. 

Hands-on Financial Management 

To justify a C-Suite role, a professional must have the ability to understand and explain financial information. 10 best chief people officers in India 2024 should be aware of practices to effectively handle the organisation’s finances and deliver financial planning inputs. 

Business Acumen To Develop Best Strategies

Business acumen is a vital characteristic of India’s 10 best chief people officers, 2024. They must collect both widespread and business-specific information and should have expertise in creating effective business plans and strategies. Business leaders usually know how the organisation can make a profit. 

Diverse Experience To Serve A Diverse Workforce

The 10 best chief people officers in India 2024 come with extensive experience working in different aspects of an organisation that can guide and inspire the workforce of various domains. They are the people’s leaders; therefore, they must understand how to sail a ship with optimum care and minimal risk. 

Strategic Mindset 

A CPO is one of the most influential personalities in an organisation, and they are known for their strategic thinking. However, it is a fact that a strategic mindset doesn’t come naturally. It takes a lot of experience, practice and analysis to think strategically that 10 best chief people officers in India 2024 learn during their journeys to the C-Suite title.

Company Name

Person Name


Chief People Officer

Head of People Function

VP - People & Culture

Head of People and Culture

Chief People Officer

Chief People Officer

Chief People Officer

Sr. Director - People & Culture

Group Chief People Officer & Group Head - Marketing

Director, People Success

Kanika Mathur- Chief People Officer -Atisfy 

Kanika has a vivid background in handling people successfully, and she an experience of around two decades in talent acquisition & retention and digitisation of HR operations.

Lt Col Alok Kumar Das ®- Chief People Officer- Brinton Pharmaceuticals

An ex-Army officer, a seasoned leader, and alumni of IIM Indore, Lt Col Alok Kumar Das ® is a personality assessor who led multi-disciplinary teams across India in challenging and high-pressure environments.

Bhupendra Joshi- Head of People Function -Koo India 

Bhupendra Joshi is an inspirational people’s leader with well-demonstrated and result-driven leadership attributes and has achieved mastership in person-power utilisation. 

Chandini Mokthar- VP – People & Culture – Moolya

Chandini has mastered creating a workplace environment where work looks like no work, and she has redefined the way of talent acquisition and managing people. 

Geetanjali Thakur-Head of People and Culture -Popup 

Highly effective at incorporating creative leadership skills to achieve business objectives, Geetanjali Thakur thrives on tough challenges and translates visions and strategies into actionable value-added goals. 

Gitesh Karnik- Chief People Officer – PayNearBy 

Gitesh has justified numerous senior management positions in large multinationals & Indian corporates and led successfully led transformation & change management projects impacting business outcomes. 

Gunjit Trehan- Chief People Officer- Dfavo.com

Gunjit comes with more than a decade of experience working on behavioural capabilities and maximising human potential through data-driven strategies.

Saurabh Kale-Sr. Director – People & Culture – Talent500

A passionate people leader,  Saurabh builds people strategies that create human capital across businesses and geographies. 

Sujoy Banerjee- Group Chief People Officer & Group Head – Marketing – Gainwell Commosales

Conferred with many HR awards, Sujoy is a seasoned HR leader with more than three decades of experience in diverse industries. 

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