10 Best Chief Product Officers in India 2022

‚ÄúGood companies manage Engineering. Great companies manage products.‚ÄĚ

‚Äď Thomas Schranz, Founder & CEO of Blossoms

In contrast to common opinion, a product leader doesn’t need to be a former engineer. As per a survey conducted among the leading product executives, only 36% of them are from a technical background. Simultaneously, top chief product officers have an adequate understanding of the technical aspects of products, and they are capable of discussing and exchanging knowledge with authority. Thus, they gain respect from engineers in the organisation. Additionally, they apprehend technical underpinning. Regardless of their technical acumen, they think in financial terms and match the ultimate goals of the company. 

TradeFlock interviewed plenty of product executives to determine the characteristics of modern Chief Product Officers, which are influential and inspirational, and curated a list of traits as a standard. Product leaders who will fall within this criteria would grab a spot among the 10 best product officers in India.  

A Voracious Drive to Make Things Better

A strong Chief Product Officer must have a micro and macro focus on improving things. He or she should be focused on getting essential milestones out the door in short to mid-term while also motivating others to find methods to consistently and significantly improve the core product over time. TradeFlock assesses a product leader’s appetite to continuously enhance their products while indexing the 10 best Chief Product Officers in India 2022. 

Enthusiasm to Pivot

Great product leaders do not hesitate to accept failure and recognise hints of a unique approach or innovative path quite early. They set their goals and success criteria thoughtfully; they regularly evaluate the performance of innovations and newly added features. Additionally, they do not hesitate to review even the fundamental aspects of their initial product strategy. For such type of agility, they need to establish efficient channels to communicate with the team. On its journey to determine the 10 best Chief Product Officers in India, TradeFlock looks for product executives’ flexibility to rotate and review their product strategy.¬†¬†

Ability to Think of the big picture while sweating the details

In an organisation that creates products, product leaders are jack of all trades who keep a close eye on technical details, customer experience, and most delinquent trends while also being aware of sales aspects. They also value taking insights from key stakeholders and divisions to establish themselves as a trusted partner.  TradeFlock highly signifies this trait while thinking of its 10 best Chief Product Officers in India 2022. 

Have an eye to determine the right monetisation strategy 

A product is successful only when it brings business to the company, and it can only be done by generating adequate revenue to pay bills, return to investors, and incentivising the key investors to ensure that they invest more money in the company. Therefore, it is critical for a chief product officer to find out or recognise a suitable monetisation strategy. They understand this fact well that monetisation of everything is the second nature of the industry. In its course to compile the list of 10 best Chief Product Officers in India 2022, TradeFlock evaluates leaders’ ability to pick the fitting monetisation strategy.¬†

In-depth cross-domain understanding 

There is no denying that contemporary products are complex, and their success is highly based on the right business model, utilisation of innovative technology, effective sales and marketing, operation superiority, and much more. Great product leaders understand this reality that it is essential to ensure that all these things have to work together in sync to boost user engagement, increase market value, and adequate monetisation. At TradeFlock, we attentively consider the leading product management professionals’ knowledge in multiple domains.¬†

Takes customer experience to the next level 

Leading chief product officers in India dig deep to find out ways how they can improve the customer experience through their products; on the other; they also ensure that products are aligned to different stakeholders. They highly value feedback and reviews of customers to determine customer expectations and make improvements in the product accordingly. During the quest for the 10 best Chief Product Officers in India 2022, TradeFlock digs deeper to find out how a product leader prioritises a better customer experience and does the needful to achieve it. 

Creating conditions where PMs can thrive 

One of the most valuable and crucial abilities of impactful chief product officers in India is that they make their best effort to make their team‚Äôs life easier. They set the tone of product managers‚Äô roles in advance to create a product management-friendly culture. India‚Äôs leading Chief Product Officers transform their corporations’ approach and put the product and customer experience at the forefront. While picking the 10 best Chief Product Officers in India 2022, TradeFlock analyses product leaders‚Äô mastery in creating a work environment that is suitable for product management and where product managers can thrive.¬†

Embracing leadership while stepping back from the front lines

Great product leaders understand the fact that delegation of tasks and ownership reflect that they are not an ‚Äėidea‚Äô person anymore. They ensure that while they are dealing with the team‚Äôs direction, other team members are making decisions on product management. Coming up with an outstanding idea doesn‚Äôt make a great leader, but listening to the team member does. Therefore, inspiring Chief Product Officers to believe in mentoring the product managers. This is something TradeFlock looks for in product leaders to assemble the 10 best Chief Product Officers in India 2022.¬†

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