10 Best CIOs In India: Bringing In Innovation and Scalability

What do you think about the role of the CIO? Many assume that the Chief Information Officer primarily advances technology and assists the IT department. However, technology competency is only the first part of being ranked among the best CIOs 2022. But while shortlisting the ten best CIOs in India, we found that a lot goes into a successful CIO.

Over the years, primarily post-pandemic, the role of CIOs and IT leaders has changed significantly. The importance of digital transformation and technology to stay ahead in competition has created opportunities for tech-savvy CIOs.

But, not all CIOs are tech-minded, yet they drive business success. Wondering how? That’s by possessing a series of extraordinary skills and traits that make them good leaders. The traits might vary depending on the nature of the business and industry, but most of them are constant across the job role.

Let’s check out the best CIOs 2022 that have demonstrated the best qualities and significantly contributed to digital business transformation.

How We Rank Best Chief Information Officers in India

When we talked to some of the top CIOs in India, we found lots of similarities. We identified ten common traits, set criteria and ranked the best CIOs 2022 in India to follow for thought leadership.

Risk Assessment and Proactive Approach

A successful CIO assesses and tackles the problems before they impact the business. An ideal CIO can pick and implement the right technology to prevent the outcomes by getting insights into the organisation’s needs and challenges. On the list of top CIOs in India, you will find the top-rated CIOs who have helped many companies with their risk analysis and technology-assisted solutions.

Strong Business Acumen

As CEOs are becoming increasingly dependent on CIOs for technology advancements and to shape their business strategy, a chief information officer needs to have deep business acumen. It also means touching the height of innovation and deploying the latest technologies to keep the business afloat.

Early Technology Adopters

While shortlisting the best CIOs in India, we interviewed many and found that innovation and early technology adoption are key to being listed among the top CIOs. We ranked the best CIOs 2022 who are open, flexible, curious and ready for experiments. On the list of top 10 CIOs in India, you will find those who have an excellent track record of leveraging bleeding-edge technologies to maintain business resilience.

Customer-centric Approach

Consumers matter the most for every business. An ideal CIO for any business is someone who understands their business, market and consumers. For this, CIOs need to jump out of their traditional role and form effective communication with customers and the technology deployment team.

Friendly & Collaborative

All of these CIOs mentioned on the list are highly social and collaborative. They regularly engage with innovators via Twitter, and LinkedIn and speak at conferences. In addition to using social networks, these CIOs are focused on implementing the best technology to ensure seamless communication for customers and employees.

Tech-savvy Mindset

More and more CIOs are taking a leading role in directing organisations. As technology disrupts and challenges business at almost every level, CIOs have emerged as the key person responsible for strengthening businesses with robust technologies. A CIO must be innovative to bring fresh solutions to the table proactively.

Strategic Planning

Over the years, the role of the CIO has evolved and involves a lot of strategic planning. Along with software expertise, they should understand how things work. Among the best CIOs in India on the list, you will find one unique ability to analyse a company’s needs for driving growth.

Bold and Confident

There is a fine line between being bold and confident. Whereas a CIO has to partner with various professionals, primarily CEOs and other board members, they need to possess boldness and confidence in whatever they do. It helps build trust and lead courageous leadership, which is essential for any business.

Team Player and Mentor

Since CIOs have been in an executive position, their role often includes mentorship and offering creative ideas to help aspiring IT Leaders within their organisation or industry proactively prevent or resolve the issues at the earliest.

A Good Friend and Great Leader

All of the best CIOs in India worked very hard with their teams to accomplish their goals. By being friendly and collaborative, they establish trust and a welcoming environment. It drives trust among the employees to confidently share their ideas and recommendations. Top CIOs on the list have significantly contributed to building a strong culture of togetherness and accountability with strong leadership.

These are the traits of the best chief information officers and the following list precisely illustrates that. Have a look at the 10 most inspiring CIOs in India 2022.

Company Name

Person Name


Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer

CTO & Global Head - Enterprise IT

Head IT & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Chief Information Officer-CIO

Senior Executive Group Vice President | Information Technology

Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer

Director - IT

Ajit Kolhe

CIO – VIP Industries 

Ajit Kolhe, the CIO of VIP industries, a revolutionized luggage producer, defines himself with a passion for business transformation, zeal, transition, planning, management, and transformation. 

Chetan Trivedi

Chief Information Officer – Vedanta Resources

A business transformation leader with 26+ years of multi-disciplinary experiences and multi-culture context, Chetan Trivedi acted as a successful wheel steering multiple large-scale green-field towards forecasted success. 

Govind Joshi

Chief Information Officer – USV 

Govind Joshi, Chief Information Officer at USV Pvt. Limited is a versatile leader with experience in many sectors, including Medical devices, OTC, and pharmaceuticals. He is the epitome of clear and straightforward communication.

Kunal Dhingra

Senior Director / Global Head IT – Larson Turbo Infotech

The Prince-2 awardee, Kunal Dhingra, embodies digital transformation, backed by more than 17 years of experience. With competency and resource administration as his strong suit, he is currently the Global Head of Larsen & Toubro Infotech.

Lalit Trivedi

Head IT & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – ITI Mutual Fund

Consistent success in global planning for 23 years – if this wasn’t enough, Lalit Trivedi has left no sector untouched. Previously associated with Madhvani Group UGANDA and Pragmatix Services, he is currently the head of IT in ITI Mutual Fund.

Nikhil Paul

Chief Information Officer-CIO – 6D Technologies

A design architect, module lead turned Chief Informations Officer, Nikil Paul is someone every IT enthusiast should look up to. With planning and management, he aims to conquer new levels of success for 6D Technologies and himself.

Pankaj Purohit

Senior Executive Group Vice President | Information Technology – Motilal Oswal

With consistent success demonstrated in his career graph, Pankaj Purohit is currently the head of IT @Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. The seasoned IT player bags himself 19 years of expertise.

Shibin Chulliparambil

CIO – Mafatlal Industries

A career packed with numerous prestigious awards and titles, Shibin Chulliparambil dedicated over two decades to IT and is currently associated with Mafatlal Industries Ltd. Strong expertise and leading a team are two of his most prevalent traits.

Vikram Khanna

CIO – Asahi India Glass (AIS)

Working as a Chief Information officer with Asahi India Glass (AIS), Vikram Khanna is set to take over the transformation world with his zeal to tackle every challenge with innovation. 

Vishwajeet Singh

Director – IT – Axtria

Vishwajeet is a PMI-certified project management professional with 20+ years of experience in Global IT infrastructure operations. He is a problem solver with excellency in Managed & Hosting services, Service delivery & support, data-centre design, and operations.

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