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Nowadays, everyone loves watching movies and web series, but our lives are so entangled between personal and professional that we often don’t have time to go through different websites to download content. But now we’ve brought a new website for you to easily download free movies from. The website is called 9Xflix.com. From this site, you can download movies for free and watch at the time of your choice. 

You can find many movies here, from the latest Hollywood movies to the old Bollywood and everything in between. So without any further ado, let’s go through this blog to find what this website has to offer. 

How To Visit The Website

This website doesn’t have an app, so in order to enjoy this website, you have to visit it through Google. All you have to do is type 9xflix.best on Google, and it will take you to the official site. The reason why we are telling you this is not because 9xflix is tough to find, but because there are many websites with the same name that can confuse you. Some are ripoffs, while some are proxies to the original website. Due to this, we recommend that you visit this website only when you’re connected to a VPN

User Interface Of the Website

9xflix.com has a very good and user-friendly interface with the least distractions. There are little to no ads on the website. The only problem is that, while going through the website and searching for your content, a lot of external links pop up, which can be a bit frustrating. Other than this, the user interface is awesome. It has 5 different categories ranging from Hindi movies, Hindi dubbed, dual audios, and web series to epic collections. And what is in these categories we will discuss in the next section. 

Movies and Series Collection

As we mentioned above, there are many categories on 9xflix.com. In the Hindi movies section, you will find all the movies from Bollywood. From the latest movies like Jawan to old movies like Sholay. In the Hindi Dubbed section, you will find all the movies that are dubbed in Hindi, such as Telugu, Kanada, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, or English. 

Next is Dual audio, where you can find movies that are dubbed in Hindi but still have another Audio track in the original language. For instance, Hindi & English, Hindi & Marathi, Hindi & Bengali etc. Now comes a web series, and as the name suggests, you will find web series in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, and a few other languages. The last category is the Epic Collection, which offers a whole series or whole run of movies. It offers collections like all the parts of the movie ‘Dhoom’ or all the parts of the movie ‘Back To The Future’ in a single downloadable collection. 

How To Download

Downloading content on 9xflix.com is also very easy. All you have to do is go to the website and select your favourite movie or web series. When you click on it, you will go to another page where you will see screenshots of the movie. Just below the screenshots, you will see 2 download links, one in 480p and second in 720p. Select your desired video quality and click on it. Then, you will be redirected to the downloading page, where you will see a button with get download links written on it. You have to click that button after that, and another page will come up where all the downloading links are available. Click on the link you want to download and enjoy your content. 

We recommend that you use drive links or you can also use the torrent links provided by the website. On top of that, using a VPN and downloading the file in a memory card or external hard drive is recommended. Sometimes a few links are crooked, and they can bring viruses to your phone or PC.  To avoid that make sure you download it in something that is independent of your device like an external hard drive or memory card. 

Sometimes websites like 9xflix get taken down because they show unauthorised content and for this reason, it’s important that you also know about some of 9xflix’s alternatives.

Best 9xflix Alternatives

There are many alternatives to 9xflix.com, such as:

  1. FilmyZilla
  2. 9xMovies
  3. Vegamovies
  4. Movie4me
  5. SDMoviesPoint
  6. MP4Movies
  7. aFilmywap
  8. SSR Movies
  9. Bolly4u
  10. Skymovieshd

Final Thoughts

Overall, 9xflix.com is a very good website to download your favourite content from. It is not cluttered with ads and other distractions. The website interface is very user-friendly, and downloading the movie is also very easy. 


All the information in this article is for readers’ knowledge purposes only. Tradeflock is an authenticated website and is strictly against using all pirated websites for downloading or streaming movies and TV shows. We always recommend using websites that adhere to the legal standards.


1. Is 9xflix legal?

A: yes, 9xflix is totally legal; however, it doesn’t have any right to broadcast any of the series and movies. So yes, you can say that it’s in the grey, but it’s definitely legal for now. 

2. Is 9xflix safe to use?

A: Yes, 9xflix.com is safe to use partly because it doesn’t have many ads to leak your IP, and on top of that, it doesn’t ask you for any login, so your other details are also safe. If you want to make sure that your IP doesn’t get leaked, we recommend that you always use a VPN. 

3. Does 9xflix have the latest movies?

A: Yes, 9xflix does have all of your latest movies and latest web series. You can find your favourite web series here minutes after the original premiere. 

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