10 Best COOs in India 2024: India’s Operations Orchestrators

In early 2000, the role of the chief operating officer was low profile. As per the volatility report 2021 by CristKolder Associates, in 2000, 48% of Fortune 500 companies and S&P 500 companies had a chief operating officer, and in 2018, this number declined to 28%, an all-time low. After this, COOs made a comeback because a McKinsey study revealed that as of 2022, 48% of top companies had a COO. Considered second in command in an organisation after CEOs, COOs are senior executives responsible for overseeing a corporation’s day-to-day operational and administrative functions. In conclusion, a COO is one who implements the CEO’s plan and strategy. 

On its journey to identify and recognise the 10 Best COOs in India, TradeFlock interviewed multiple COOs along with other C-suite officers to determine and compile the list of top attributes of India’s best COOs, which is as follows. 

Ethical Conduct 

India’s leading COOs uphold high ethical standards and ensure that the organisation operates with integrity. They ensure the operational activities are aligned with the organisation’s vision and mission. 

Global Perspective 

A global perspective is essential in today’s interconnected world. Top COOs in India often have experience working in international markets or dealing with global supply chains therefore, they must have an extensive perspective that covers the world economy, supply chain infrastructure and evolving market trends. 

Collaborative Nature & Technology Proficiency 

COOs work closely with other C-suite executives, such as CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs. Collaborative skills are crucial for aligning different functions toward common goals. Additionally, they understand the role of technology in modern business operations and can leverage it to streamline processes and drive innovation.

Customer Centric Approach 

Top operating leaders prioritise customer satisfaction and understand that a positive customer experience is essential for business success. Therefore, TradeFlock hails top leaders from operations, including the Chief Operating Officer, Director of Operations and President of Operations, and recognises them as India’s influential COOs. 

Resilience & Empathy

India’s business environment can be challenging. COOs need to be resilient in the face of setbacks and setbacks, keeping the organisation on course despite obstacles. Additionally, they understand the needs and concerns of employees and can balance the human side of management with operational efficiency.

Based on the mentioned traits and attributes, TradeFlock compiles its list of 10 Best COOs in India in 2024, which is as follows: 

Company Name

Person Name


Chief Operating Officer

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Director Operations

Vice President - Operations

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

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