Ranking 10 Best CROs In India: Building The Plot For Successful Businesses

While the primary role of a Chief Revenue Officer is to lead the revenue department of the organisation to success, nowadays, this position has become much more multi-dimensional. An influential CRO is solution-oriented and a quick decision-maker. Moreover, they have the capability to persuade people’s perspectives toward conventional revenue streams. 

While compiling the list of 10 best CROs in India 2022, TradeFlock interviewed revenue professionals in leading positions to confine the qualities of top CROs of the modern day; we filtered the following attributes. 

Acutely tuned to the market 

The chief revenue officer is responsible for generating profitable revenues, boosting margin, key customer-facing functions, and driving the future growth of the business. Top CROs in India with broader responsibilities remain devoted to every customer’s touch point and can align with customer success. They can resolve issues faster due to a unified revenue perspective. At TradeFlock, we finalise the 10 best CROs in India 2022 on their ability to make strategic adjustments per the market. 


As we have mentioned earlier, CRO is a multidimensional position. Based on insight, they forecast the possibilities of the company’s growth. Though, it is more about storytelling instead of just numbers. Therefore, leading CROs are practical, aggressive and confident, and able to foresee things simultaneously. On our expedition to find the 10 best CROs in India, we evaluate their potential to decode insights and forecast the company’s prospects. 


CROs are the ones who drive costing and product structure, and they are responsible for buyers’ experience. Filtered and well-managed data help them in such decision-making. Top CROs in India use these insights to understand customer behaviour and to determine how they can improve the customer’s experience. We assess CROs’ data obsession for crucial decision-making to give them a spot among the 10 best CROs in India 2022. 

Passionate about building teams 

Top CROs in India are seasoned professionals who are not limited to growing the revenue but also help grow the people and culture of the firm or company. They spend considerable time nurturing their teams and remain inspired to create a workplace that inspires people to do their best. We shortlisted the 10 best CROs in India 2022 based on their eagerness to mentor and guide their teams to be efficient, productive, and result-oriented. 

Cool under pressure 

CROs are the most accountable among their peers on the board; therefore, they must hold their nerves in pressure or challenging situations. It is the prime reason why they typically have a short tenure compared to other C-level positions. Top CROs are always geared up to take responsibility in tricky situations and succeed. While we select the 10 best CROs in India 2022, we reckon their patience and resilience to overcome the tough situation. 

Nimble against change 

Modern CROs have to go through some of the biggest changes of recent times, such as increasing business complexities, the great resignation, and the hybrid work culture. They have to keep up with the changes while ensuring an outstanding and personalised customer experience, retaining their best people, and motivating hybrid teams. We pick the 10 best CROs in India after assessing their agility to adopt the change and thrive. 

Blend proficiency with leadership 

In spite of knowing the power of data, the ability to decode insights, and a deep understanding of CRM, marketing, and sales, CROs must have these leadership qualities. They can convince other leaders over one objective. Therefore, TradeFlock evaluates CROs’ attributes to maintain a balance between subject matter expertise and leadership competencies to curate its list of 10 best CROs in India 2022. 

Stay disciplined on compensation 

An influential CRO always says no to overpaying. A sales leader should stay disciplined on payments, and they know exactly how to say no to inappropriate requests for promotion. Apart from that, CROs are masters at keeping people engaged without giving them extra perks. En route to finding the 10 best CROs in India 2022, we analyse their command over being neutral on compensation and promotion. 

Focused on building a sales talent pool 

Top CROs in India are intense and extremists who always remain keen and work passionately to build a sales talent pipeline. They nourish, train, and groom new sales talents to thrive and boost the firm’s revenue. During its quest for the 10 best CROs in India 2022, TradeFlock analysed its ability to identify, train and polish the potential sales professionals for the organisation’s future prospects. 

The features mentioned above make the top CROs in India collectively. TradeFlock does an inclusive assessment of CROs based on these attributes and qualities to compile a list of the 10 best CROs in India 2022. 

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