Prof. (Dr) Ramesh Chandra

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Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh Chandra

Vice Chancellor,

Maharaja Surajmal Brij University

Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh Chandra, the visionary Vice Chancellor of Maharaja Surajmal Brij University, epitomises the transformative power of education and research. With a Ph.D. in chemistry from Delhi University, his journey is marked by a strong background in the biotechnology industry. A distinguished scientist, he is also an outstanding researcher in the field of biomedical sciences. Prof. (Dr.) Chandra is also an official resource person to the Minister and Department of Science and Technology in the Kingdom of Lesotho, South Africa.
In an exclusive interview with TradeFlock, Prof. Chandra shares his experiences and aspirations for academia’s future. He discusses his relentless commitment to academic excellence, research innovation, and student empowerment. By fostering a culture of inquiry, inclusivity, and social responsibility, Prof. (Dr.) Chandra aims to transform lives and shape the leaders of tomorrow. 

What are your notable achievements?

Throughout my career, I’ve made significant contributions to the biomedical sciences, particularly medicinal chemistry. My tenure as a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Delhi since April 1993 has been marked by groundbreaking research and transformative leadership Notably, I’ve served as the Founder Director of the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research, spearheading pioneering research endeavours that have garnered international acclaim. Additionally, my contributions to academia extend beyond research, as I’ve held esteemed positions such as Vice Chancellor at Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, and President of the Indian Chemical Society, further solidifying my legacy as a visionary leader in the field.

What are your key contributions to medicinal chemistry?

Over the past three decades, I’ve been deeply engaged in anticancer drug discovery, focusing on tubulin-binding cytotoxic agents and novel therapeutic combinations. My aim has been to develop gentler chemotherapy modalities to address the urgent need for cancer treatment. I’ve dedicated extensive efforts to designing drugs for managing human cancer, with notable success in demonstrating the efficacy of compounds like noscapine and its derivatives. These compounds, such as Br-Nos and Rd Br-Nos, have proven effective against taxane-resistant cancer without causing neurotoxicity or immunosuppression. Through integrated approaches involving insilicon analysis, in-vitro, and in-vivo studies, I’ve identified and validated novel therapeutics. Importantly, these compounds exhibit heightened potency against drug-resistant cancer cells compared to conventional treatments like vinblastine, teniposide, and paclitaxel.

Can you describe your academic background and affiliations?

My academic journey began at the University of Delhi, where I started as a Professor of Chemistry in 1993 and later became the Founder Director of the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research. Throughout my career, I’ve been actively involved in scholarly activities, publishing over 360 original research papers, numerous book chapters, and patents. Additionally, I’ve been engaged with international scientific societies, serving as an associate editor for esteemed journals. My academic affiliations have provided me with a platform to shape the discourse in biomedical sciences and medicinal chemistry on a global scale.

How would you describe your vision and leadership qualities?

My vision for higher education and research revolves around fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and societal impact. As a leader, I prioritise strategic planning, collaborative engagement, and inclusive decision-making to create an environment conducive to creativity and transformative breakthroughs. I’m deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of researchers and scholars, providing mentorship and guidance to inspire excellence and drive positive change. My leadership style emphasises empathy, integrity, and resilience, essential qualities for navigating the complexities of academia and addressing future challenges.

What other professional engagements have you undertaken?

Beyond academia, I’ve played a significant role in fostering collaborations between academia and industry to advance pharmaceutical innovation. As a consultant and advisor to various multinational pharmaceutical companies, I’ve contributed to the development of cutting-edge therapeutics and drug discovery initiatives. Additionally, my tenure as Vice Chancellor at Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, allowed me to champion academic excellence and research innovation. Moreover, my leadership roles in revered organisations such as the Indian Chemical Society reflect my commitment to driving transformative change in both the academic and industrial spheres. Additionally, in my current role at Maharaja Surajmal Brij University, I have introduced numerous programs to nurture a culture of collaborative research and studies.

What are your notable academic and professional achievements?

I take pride in mentoring over 100 PhD and MPhil students, many of whom now hold esteemed positions worldwide. My academic contributions include over 360 original scientific research papers, 28 book chapters, and authoring nine books, along with securing eight patents. I actively engage with international scientific societies and serve as an associate editor for Taylor & Francis Publishers’ journal, Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology, and on several editorial boards. Furthermore, I’ve provided consulting leadership roles in various university councils globally and contributed prolifically to literature on higher education and social issues. to multinational companies like Polaroid Corporation and HIKMA Pharmaceuticals and advised academic institutions. I’ve held leadership roles in various university councils globally and contributed prolifically to literature on higher education and social issues.

What professional recognition have you received throughout your career?

I’ve been honoured with numerous prestigious awards, including the J. William Fulbright Scholarship and the Rockefeller Foundation USA-Biotechnology Career Award in 1993, and the Award of the Highest Honour of Soka University, Tokyo, Japan, in 2000. Notably, I’ve received the Millennium Plaques of Honour from the Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) in 2017–2018, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Indian Chemical Society (ICS) in 2003, and the Rajib Goyal Award for Young Scientists in 2002. Additionally, I’ve been recognised with the UGC Research Scientist Award in 1988 and the UGC Career Award in 1993. My fellowships include those from the Indian Academy of Biomedical Science (IABS), the International Academy of Physical Sciences, the Institution of Chemists, India, and the Indian Chemical Society, among others. These awards affirm my dedication to advancing science and innovation.
















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