Prof. Gaganjit Singh

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For Whom ‘Ordinary is Insipid’

Prof. Gaganjit Singh

Executive President,

Institute of Marketing and Management

With a steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of education and fostering global intellectual capital, Prof. Gaganjit Singh, Executive President of the Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM), stands tall as a transformative leader. His visionary approach underscores the indispensable role of cross-cultural collaboration in shaping the future of education and preparing students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.
At IMM Business School, Prof. Gaganjit champions a holistic educational paradigm transcending borders, fostering a diverse ecosystem of perspectives. With over 25 years of experience spanning education, research, strategy, communication, and project management, his leadership embodies the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. Rejecting the mundane, he constantly pushes boundaries.
Under his guidance, IMM has become a global learning hub, attracting students worldwide and forming partnerships with esteemed institutions like Fordham Gabelli School of Business, UK; Mages Institute of Excellence, Singapore; ESCP Business School, UK; and Brest Business School, France. Through these collaborations, Prof. Gaganjit spearheads groundbreaking initiatives like the ‘Strategic Marketing Leadership Programme’ and ‘Data Analytics for Managers,’ seamlessly integrating global management concepts into Indian education.
Beyond academics, Prof. Gaganjit prioritises authentic philanthropy, epitomising the JJ Foundation’s ethos to educate, enable, and empower. Through initiatives empowering students and communities, he not only shapes future leaders but also drives positive global change. His work is elaborated further in an exclusive interaction with TradeFlock. 

What pivotal experiences influenced your leadership philosophy over your 25-year journey in education leadership?

In my 25-year education leadership journey, my father, Dr. Jagjit Singh, a doyen of Marketing and Management, has been my mentor and guiding light. I’ve also been shaped by diverse experiences, guided by Warren Bennis’s insight on translating vision into reality and Eleanor Roosevelt’s wisdom on leading with both head and heart. Originating from a family of educators and entrepreneurs, I’ve embraced the mantra that “Ordinary is insipid,” becoming an edupreneur. My leadership centres on enabling growth and advocating for value-based management education 4.0. Having mentored over 25,000 future corporate leaders, I emphasise knowledge and values for success. Recognising Education 4.0’s impact, I collaborate with experts to integrate AI and ML into our curriculum, ensuring students are future ready. Initiatives like international collaborations, leadership summits, and global educational expansion define my journey. Our organisational transformation efforts and numerous awards showcase our commitment to excellence. Establishing IMM as a Centre of Excellence is just the beginning; we aim to do the same nationwide. In essence, my leadership philosophy focuses on empowering individuals, fostering innovation, and driving organisational excellence to keep IMM at the forefront of education, preparing students to excel as global citizens.

How do you blend philanthropy with education, and what's the desired impact of the JJ Foundation?

The JJ Foundation embodies ‘Educate, Enable, Empower,’ merging philanthropy with education to drive tangible social impact. Our goal is to democratise quality education, empower individuals, and foster equity. Amidst the pandemic, we swiftly assisted vulnerable communities in Delhi, NCR, with essential supplies. We extended financial aid to families, ensuring children’s education continuity with tuition coverage and stationary kits. JJ Foundation scholarships at IMM Business School remove financial barriers, granting deserving students access to education and enhanced career prospects. These initiatives underscore our commitment to social responsibility, leaving a lasting positive impact in our communities.

How do you ensure the Institute of Marketing and Management stays responsive to changing student and industry needs?

As Executive President of IMM, I’ve deployed agile strategies to meet evolving student and industry needs. Our curriculum development iterates with input from faculty, industry, and students to align with emerging trends. Strong industry ties enhance student employability through practical training. Entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives empower students to realise ventures. Continuous technology integration maintains industry relevance. Agile decisionmaking enables prompt crisis response, ensuring seamless stakeholder support, and establishing IMM as a dynamic institution.

How do you view technology's role in education, and which technologies are currently in use?

Embracing Education 4.0, I believe in leveraging technology to revolutionise learning. Through innovative tools like VR, AR, AI, and ML, IMM Business School provides immersive learning experiences in data visualisation, storytelling, and AI applications. Collaboration transcends boundaries with virtual classrooms and interactive forums using Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex. Smart classrooms equipped with cutting-edge technology enhance student engagement and participation. Datadriven insights from educational technologies inform personalised instruction, optimising learning outcomes. However, challenges like the digital divide and data privacy necessitate ethical considerations and teacher training. As educators, we are committed to responsibly integrating technology to prepare students for success in the digital era, fostering innovation, collaboration, and personalised learning experiences.

Beyond work, what personal passions drive your commitment to educational leadership excellence?

Beyond my professional pursuits, my passion for lifelong learning propels my commitment to education leadership. I thrive on exploring new trends and pioneering pedagogical methods, ensuring the best education for my students. Technology fascinates me, and I’m dedicated to integrating innovative tools like AI and VR into the classroom. Additionally, I recognise the power of social media in connecting educators globally, allowing me to share insights, engage in discussions, and stay informed. Moreover, my fervour for international collaboration drives me to forge partnerships worldwide, enriching students’ educational experiences. These passions fuel my dedication to excellence in education leadership, shaping future learning.

What's your vision for education leadership in India, and how do you intend to contribute to its realisation?

My vision for education leadership in India is to create a dynamic, inclusive, and globally competitive system. At IMM, we aim to be a Centre for Excellence, nurturing young leaders and nation-builders through modern management practices infused with timeless values. Collaboration with stakeholders, the implementation of NEP reforms, and leveraging technology are key strategies. By promoting holistic student development, fostering innovation, and advocating for education as a fundamental right, we’ll cultivate ethical leaders who drive positive change and innovation.
















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