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Rozy Efzal

Co-Founder & CMO


Adaptability is not about resisting change but rather about embracing it and thriving amidst the transformation. Embodying the essence of adaptability, Rozy Efzal stands as a testament to the power of resilience and innovation in navigating the changing business landscape. With nearly two decades of experience spanning across the digital, real estate, and media/e-commerce sectors, Rozy brings a wealth of expertise and a keen understanding of the universal principles crucial for success.
As the co-founder and CMO of Invest4Edu, Rozy’s journey reflects her unwavering commitment to driving high-performance teams towards a unified vision. She recognises that in today’s dynamic environment, adaptability is not just a trait but a necessity for survival. Rozy emphasises the importance of pivoting, innovating, and embracing change as fundamental pillars of success, regardless of industry.
Her customer-centric mindset underscores the significance of understanding and addressing human needs, transcending the boundaries of sectors. Furthermore, Rozy advocates for nimbleness in the face of technological advancements, acknowledging the imperative for businesses to stay relevant by keeping pace with evolving technologies.
Beyond her professional endeavours, Rozy’s passion for problem-solving, relationshipbuilding, and fostering innovation is palpable. She finds solace in uncovering insights, creating business opportunities, and contributing to the overall growth of the organisations she serves. With a strategic mindset and an unyielding dedication to excellence, Rozy is poised to lead Invest4Edu to new heights of success in the everchanging landscape of education and beyond.
TradeFlock interviewed Rozy to learn more about her work and initiatives in transforming education. 

Transitioning from proptech to education posed unique challenges. How did your prior experiences aid in overcoming them?

Having a solid understanding of financial and business principles is advantageous in the educational landscape. Overall, the transition from Prop-Tech to education leverages a wide range of transferable skills such as marketing and strategic expertise, having data-driven strategies, a customer-centric mindset, adaptability and formulate collaborations. The challenge in Prop-Tech was to continuously evolve the marketing strategy to meet the demands of the customers and manage policy related changes. Education sector has similar challenges. The advent Covid-19 made people adapt to new strategies in the education. People planning to study abroad suffered. Most of the institutions and students went online. But as soon as the epidemic ended, people were back to schools and colleges. So, companies had to change their plans again. Similarly, the New Rozy Efzal Co-Founder & CMO, Invest4Edu Transforming Lives with Invest4Edu EDUCATION LEADERS BEST IN INDIA 2024 Best Education Leaders in India 2024 42 Education Policy is being implemented now. This will change guidelines, patterns, and outcomes for students and institutions alike. Such changes will keep happening, so we have to continuously tweak and adapt the strategies. Another thing that my previous experience taught me is to not try to do everything alone or in-house. You need a great team. My ability to build and lead large teams across multiple locations definitely helps implement the vision on the ground and get results. I seek expertise, collaborate, implement excellence fast, and move ahead.

What inspired your move to the education sector with Invest4Edu? How do you see technology shaping education planning in India?

The transition into the education sector and the creation of India’s first digital platform for education planning with Invest4Edu were inspired by a profound belief in the transformative power of education. Recognising India’s vast demographic dividend and the pivotal role of education in national prosperity, I was driven by a vision to bridge gaps in educational access and opportunity. Witnessing disparities in educational access firsthand, especially in economically unequal societies like India, fuelled the idea for Invest4Edu. Drawing from my father’s legacy of contributing to societal upliftment through education, I aimed to take his dream further. Invest4Edu serves as the realisation of this vision, democratising access to quality education planning and empowering students to make informed decisions. Technology is at the core of this endeavour, enabling personalised education journeys and data-driven decisionmaking. Invest4Edu’s innovative tools, including AI-based Personalised Education Journey and the College Cost Calculator, exemplify our commitment to leveraging technology for personalised, impactful education planning.

How do your interests in travel, reading, and food influence your leadership amidst entrepreneurship demands?

My passion for travelling broadens my perspective by exposing me to diverse cultures and aspirations, aiding in better understanding people’s needs. Reading keeps me informed of the latest developments and fosters continuous learning from others’ experiences. Shared meals, a cornerstone of relationships, strengthen bonds. Balancing these interests with entrepreneurial demands entails prioritisation, time management, and integrating insights gained into leadership approaches.

What's your five-year vision for Invest4Edu, and how do you plan to tackle educational landscape changes?

Over the next five years, Invest4Edu aims to become the premier platform for education planning in India, empowering individuals to shape their desired futures. We strive to capture a significant market share, targeting over 10 million users and assisting 1 million families to create personalised education journeys. Revenue goals include building a $500 million mutual fund AUM towards mandate based educational savings. Expanding our footprint domestically reaching out to 400 different locations of Indian cities and 25 global destinations is a priority. With a focus on technology, agility, and stakeholder feedback, we anticipate and address evolving needs to drive success.

With your varied experience in different industries, what advice would you give to new education leaders starting out?

To aspiring education leaders embarking on their journey, I advise maintaining curiosity, upholding values, and committing to lifelong learning. The education sector is dynamic, with evolving trends and challenges. Cultivate a strong network and community, as collaboration is key to success. Stay abreast of trends and technology, assemble exceptional teams, and focus on addressing real pain points. Remember, education is a collective effort, and industry collaboration will help in faster outputs and diverse perspectives.

What values or principles do you prioritise in your leadership style in such a dynamic industry as education?

In the dynamic education industry, I anchor my leadership in unwavering integrity, empathetic understanding, and transparent communication. These values drive customercentric strategies, ensuring alignment with their needs. Furthermore, I cultivate a culture of relentless innovation, empowerment, and perpetual learning to maintain a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving landscape.
















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