10 Best Free Sites To Download Music: Legal To Use  

Music has a special effect on our minds to evoke calmness and remove stress. Whatever taste of music you have, pop or classic, the emotional connection of listening to music drives you to a different world. With the rise of a wide range of music streaming platforms, you will find the best free music download sites to keep up the pace of entertainment with non-stop music. 

According to Forbes, more than 82 million Americans pay an average of $10 monthly for on-demand music streaming services, and top music sites dominate. What if you can get unlimited music for free? Stay with us; we will take you through the list of the best places to download music for free. 

Free Music Sites For Accessing Unlimited Music 

Whether you want to enjoy music or want to use these free tracks in your videos, you can use these best free music download sites to enjoy your favourite albums without fearing copyright issues. Most torrent sites for music are operating illegally and come with copyright issues. So, for secure download, follow the list below:

1. YouTube – Audio Library

More than a million pieces of music are streaming on YouTube Audio Library. It is specially designed for people who want to enjoy royalty-free music. Nowadays, everyone has an account on YouTube; if not, you can create one and dive into the audio library. Its interface is very simple, and you can easily search your favourite tracks, albums and artists. You will also get multiple sound effects to listen to besides free music. 

2. Jamendo 

Jamendo has been a top choice for the best free music download sites. This music streaming platform allows independent artists to share their music with listeners. The site has two separate sections, Jamendo Music and Jamendo Licensing. For free music, you can tap into Jamendo Music to find your music and enjoy listening to them. You can sort music based on all-time favourite genres like rock or pop and others; the site is fully organised to ease your searches. 

Free Music Archive 

Free Music Archive was founded in 2009 by a New Jersey-based community, one of the best places to download music for free. If you are fond of underrated tracks, you can search here and listen on loop. It offers a huge archive of free music with a wide variety of audio content and genres. It will help you to discover new music.

  1. Amazon: Free Streaming Music 

Amazon, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, provides you with free music. You read it right; you can explore music on Amazon and download it for free. All you need to do is go to the Music by Price section and select Free to obtain free download music. The filter search option is currently unavailable, and you have to search each song individually.

  1. Bensound 

Bensound brings you multiple genres to explore for music, from rock and hip-hop to others. Even without a user account, you can easily access music with an easy download option. If you are making any video for YouTube or social media, it will be the best site to access free music. 

  1. SoundClick 

Another prominent option for the best free music download sites is SoundClick. Here, you will find music uploaded by independent musicians and professional artists. The site has free and paid music, so you can create an account and find free music by searching for it. It comes with a great user interface and easy navigation through light and dark modes.

  1. Audiomack 

Since its launch in 2012, Audiomack has been one of the popular pickups for best free music download sites. It is a comfort platform for music lovers and artists, allowing musicians to monetize their music. In Audiomack, listening to music is completely free, while downloading can be paid for some tracks. You can also download the Audiomack app to enjoy unlimited music. 

  1. Datpiff 

If you are a fan of mixtapes and hip-hop, tune into Datpiff for a variety of music genres to explore. Datpiff has both paid and free content for users; you can register to listen to free music and even download music, depending on the daily limit. For user’s convenience, Datpiff has designed an app for Google PlayStore and AppleStore. 

  1. Musopen

Founded in 2012, Musopen is one of the viable choices among the best free music download sites. This music site offers you different services based on free music recordings and sheet music. It has a streaming radio station and a royalty-free music archive to explore multiple songs. For classical music, you can move to its download library. 

  1. The Internet Archive 

The Internet Archive is the oldest free music site to stream a series of music of your preference. From high-quality music to hip-hop & classical, it is one of the best places to download music for free. You can also explore audiobooks and poetry based on your interest. The site has a good collection of music for all the trendiest albums; not all files are downloadable, but you will still find multiple pieces of music. 

Enjoy Free Music On the Best Download Sites! 

By exploring the best free music download sites, we find that there are multiple options available to listen to and use tracks for your videos. All the sites have their own restrictions on download limits, as most tracks are sponsored. However, you can explore these sites to discover new albums. 

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