Top Free Project Management Software Currently Available

Managing your projects can be a time-consuming and hectic process. It takes a lot of knowledge to comprehensively manage your projects. But we have something for you. Anyone who wants to manage projects but doesn’t have time to do it manually can use the best free project management software. 

There are many free project management software out there that can save you a tremendous amount of time and help you compete with the biggest companies on time and on budget. The software we are about to list today are free but they also offer a subscription for a more professional approach. On top of that, most of these software have apps, meaning they can be used remotely through an app on your phone. 

Best Project Management Software Available In The Market Today

Before starting this list, it’s worth noting that this list is not ranked in any particular order. All of the software mentioned below are the best free project management software based on their features.

1. Notion

Notion is a free project management software that comes with an application programming interface (API) which makes it easy to build custom integrations. This software is easy to use and very beginner-friendly. At a given time, users can collaborate with 5 people and can upload files up to 5 MB. This software is most useful for individuals who need the best free project management software with API. 

Feature – Beginner Friendly; Application Programming Interface 

2. Teamwork

Teamwork is another best free project management software on the market today. On this software, users can set dependencies and priorities and can also assign ownership, automate updates and create dashboards. In the free version of this software, you can track the working time of teams and sub-teams along with being able to assign subtasks.

Features- Work Time Tracking Of Employees, Task Assigning Capabilities

3. Smartsheet 

The next software in the list of best free project management software is Smartsheet. It stands out for its impressive ability to automate workflow, simplifying projects and allowing the team to work without any problems. It offers a platform which makes collaboration of many people possible resulting in the enhancement of the project understanding and overall progress. 

Features- Automate Workflow

4. ClickUp

The majority of free project management systems restrict the number of people allowed to collaborate, but this is not the case with Click-Up. The free plan includes features like 100 MB storage, real-time chats, unlimited members, time tracking, in-app video calling, 24-hour support and many more, making it the best project management software This software is perfect for businesses looking for free project management software with unlimited members. 

Features: Allows Unlimited People To Collaborate 

5. Jira

Jira is among the best free project management software available on the market today. Initially, it was created with issue and bug tracking in mind but now it has other features like automation, basic roadmaps and custom workflows, which is why it is ideal for developers. The best thing about this free project manager software is its storage plan. Initially, it offers 2 GB of storage but you can link your cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Features: Able To Track Bugs And Issues; Best For Developers

6. Todoist

Todoist is known for its task management capabilities. Its natural language recognition system makes the software more efficient and capable. Above all, it has a feature which lets you list and arrange your projects and tasks in categories like today, upcoming and then with the help of its custom filter view, allowing you can prioritize the task you’re most concerned about. Listing tasks is important for finishing a project as it allows you to prioritize your tasks. This software is ideal for people who are looking for a one-stop software capable of enhancing productivity and task management. 

Features: Natural Language Recognition System

7. is considered the best free project management software because it offers a plethora of features to help you make business plans and strategies and help execute projects. Although it is free software, you can also buy the premium pack which again offers a lot of things that are absent from normal software. It is best for small teams that want to collaborate on a given project or brainstorm ideas. 

Features: Easy and User-Friendly UI

Final Thoughts

Managing a business is very important and these are the best free project management software available on the market today that can help you manage your businesses. Most of the Apps here also offer premium offers. As we mentioned above, this list is not ranked in any particular and you can choose any software you like. The software you choose solely depends on your use. 

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