10 Best Healthcare Companies in India 2022

The Healthcare industry has seen a boom in recent years, and Tradeflock saw this opportunity and has curated a list of the best healthcare companies in India in 2022.

Speaking of the best healthcare companies in India 2022, we came across some traits that acted as their success’s core values and principles. Every company is the reflection of its employees. So, we can say that the traits of the company are in fact the characteristics of the employees. 

Are you curious to know the driving qualities of the best healthcare companies in India 2022? Well, without any more delay, let’s get started! 

How We Choose These Healthcare Companies in India 2022

With the growing demand for healthcare solutions, the best healthcare companies in India 2022 have taken multiple measures to address unmet patient needs. Their innovative approach and efficient solutions are what make them stand out in the crowd. Did you know that the healthcare industry is about to reach USD 372 Billion by the end of this year? 

The healthcare industry is a crucial sector of India’s economy. Do you want to know what quality makes the best healthcare companies in India 2022? Here is the list of traits, on the basis of which we ranked the best healthcare companies in India 2022. 

Patient-Centric Solutions

A basic and most vital quality of the best healthcare companies in India 2022 is the patient-centric approach. All the solutions, medications,  and surgeries should be centred around the patient. Healthcare providers should focus on enhancing the quality of patient care. 

Patients come first, then the formalities and other necessities. Being patient-centric doesn’t just mean doing what the patient wants, it means to stand by and do what is right for them. 


Yet another trait that is a must for the best companies in India 2022 – innovation. It is right to say, where there is innovation, there is a solution. All healthcare companies should be innovative in their approach, actions, and solutions. By definition, innovation means introduction to something new – a new device, idea or method. 

This should drive a successful healthcare firm. An aim, a motto to be better and make it better for the patients.

Wide Coverage

While talking about the best healthcare companies in India, wide coverage is something that they should have. It is a trait that makes them not more helpful but more approachable. Obviously, a patient would if he can get all the services at one place, because well, they are already ill. 

The reason being having a wide coverage is an important factor when we discuss the top healthcare companies. Wide coverage simply means to cover the majority of the sector, including different treatments, tests, and doctors under one roof. 

Meeting The Unmet Needs

Meeting the unmet needs – is just another of the outstanding traits of the best healthcare companies in India 2022. The demand for healthcare solutions is growing, and thus, it has become mandatory for every healthcare sector to come up with innovative ideas to meet the unmet needs.  To make any healthcare firm successful, it is crucial that it reaches people in every corner. 

The medicines and solutions should be easily accessible. If a company can achieve it, there is no stopping it from being a top-tier brand. 

Tech-Focused Approach

Being tech-focused is something that you just can’t go without, and so it is for the best companies in India 2022. Technology should be included at every step. From the basic idea to the development of new solutions, medicines, etc., a tech-focused approach is a quality that will provide a long way for success. 

Forward Thinker

Lastly, the best healthcare companies in 2022 should be forward thinkers. A team of young minds with an innovative and patient-centric approach is what defines forward-thinking. Possessing the aim to make it easier and more efficient for patients and healthcare staff is the true quality of a top-tier healthcare company. 

We hope that with this blog, you are now aware of the top traits of the best healthcare companies in India 2022. We have listed the top 10 healthcare companies that are re-imagining the face of patient care with innovation. Have a look at the best healthcare companies in India.

Company Name

Person Name


Shubham Jain

CEO & Founder

Akshat Seth

Chief Executive Officer

Varun Garg

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Arvind Lal

Chairman & Managing Director

Navneet Saluja

Managing Director

Vishal Gupta

CEO & Founder

Sameer Goel

Managing Director

Madhukar Gangadi

CEO & Founder

Ram N Kumar

CEO & Founder

Achitha Jacob

CEO & Founder


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