Best IT Asset Management Software 2021 | Types and Review

Keeping a record of business assets is important in every organization. But do you know the simplest and easiest way to manage your business assets? Although you can manage them manually in a register, it is no longer an efficient way. Today, there are different types of asset management software available that are helpful to save your time and improve efficiency. This article will explain the process of best IT asset management software and why it is important. We also review 10 top asset management software available online to bring your business process and management on track. 

What is IT Asset Management Software and why is it Important?

IT Asset Management Software refers to the all-encompassing computer system that helps manage an organization’s assets better and track other necessary tasks, from lifecycle to license and compliance. 

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It is essential to monitor and manage the assets of the organization to ensure you’re complying with the industry’s regulations. If you’re choosing to incorporate asset management software open source, you’re more likely to save your time and cost and reduce the chances of inaccuracy. 

How to choose the best Asset Management Software for your Business?

You will find different asset management software online,  but it is hard to choose which one fits best to your business niche if you don’t know how they work. They can vary on the types of assets they help to manage. 

Infrastructure Asset Management Software

This software is used to record physical infrastructure assets such as roads, utilities, transport equipment, power generators, etc. It is generally used by public organizations and large companies.  

Financial Asset Management Software

If you want to record financial assets such as investment funds, securities, loans, other financial assets, financial asset management software will be used. 

Software Asset Management 

Software asset management is used to manage purchase, upgrade license renewal, and other aspects of the software application within the company.  

Physical Asset Management Software

This is the most common type of asset management software used to manage all kinds of assets in the company such as fixtures, computers, tablets, and other physical assets. 

Best Asset Management Software With Features

Do you wanna purchase the best asset management software to streamline the entire process? Here is the list of top 10 software including their features that will help you to choose the best one. 

1- UpKeep

UpKeep is a powerful tool designed to monitor the IT system and ensure you remain online all time. It would be called the best asset management software as it can manage everything from inventory to even digital assets. It can create detailed reports and outline everything you and your IT partners need to know about the systems. 


  • Backed by a great support center
  • Include a range of features
  • Supported by any device or operating systems such as smartphone or tablets

2- ServiceNow ITSM

ServiceNow is a leading asset management software in the ITSM market for seven consecutive years. It comes in two ranges of products; ServiceNow ITSM and ServiceNow ITAM. Service ITSM offers a range of features as you can track and monitor your entire IT system at all times. The best part of this software is you will be notified when your machine or device breaks or stops. 


  • Powerful analytic tool
  • Support incident tracking and management
  • Allows you to generate custom reports 

3- Nifty

Nifty is another tool on the list of asset management software that helps to have a clear overview of the workflow. Whether you’re looking to manage the entire process or speed up resolutions. Nifty is the tool that helps you and the team. It is one of the best infrastructure asset management software. 


  • Cross-portfolio reporting to ingest all roadmaps at large. 
  • Speed up your work
  • Affordable


With, you can track everything anytime. Its customized feature will let you customize the views and notifications seamlessly. It is a mobile-friendly app that enables you to monitor and update on the go. It will provide you a clear view of work and projects with the help of a dashboard. 


  • Manage Contacts, equipment cost, supply orders, and inventory on the board.
  • Boost Productivity
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Manage IT resources properly

5- Spiceworks IT Asset Management 

If you’re looking for free asset management software, Spiceworks IT asset management is best for you. It is completely free to use and offers an abundance of features. This app will help you to look after your business assets. It is multipurpose software as it supports the monitoring of physical and digital assets as well as inventory and software licensing. 


  • Completely free
  • Various development options
  • Use-friendly

6- GoCodes

GoCodes is another asset management software that allows you to monitor physical and digital assets. This software is designed for tool and equipment tracking, school asset management, medical equipment tracking, and office IT asset management. This software is used by several businesses across numerous industries. You select from the number of plans; annually or monthly, so it is a great option for businesses of all sizes.


  • Tailored solutions for various industries
  • Affordable tool
  • An extremely versatile tool to manage
  • Patented QR code tracking system. 

7- NinjaRMM

Whether you’re a small IT company, mid-market company, or business, it is powerful asset management software. This tool helps you get a complete set of tools to monitor, manage, secure, and improve all your network devices and windows servers including workstations, systems, and laptops.


  • Control through remote access
  • Affordable
  • Get a complete record of hardware and software stock

8- AssetExplorer

AssetExplorer is the IT asset management software that enables you to monitor and manage assets in your company, from purchase to disposal. It covers every aspect of IT asset management. Because of its built-in software asset management module, you can track software usage and maximize software license compliance. 


  • Schedule assets scan
  • Real-time hardware and software assets dashboards
  • Multi-score asset discovery 

9- Atera

Atera is a cloud-based, remote IT management platform that provides solutions to MSPs, IT consultants, and IT departments. It is the best asset software management that enables you to maintain and track unlimited inventory for a flat flow rate. This all-in-one IT management tool has everything you need in one integrated solution. 


  • Run automatic maintenance and update
  • Measure your networks, assets, and overall performance
  • Easy to use

10- Freshservice

Freshservice is an asset management tool that allows you to manage records of hardware, software, contracts, and other assets. You can track assets through different phases. It is the best management software for asset and project management. 


  • Custom and scheduled reports
  • Contract and project management

These are the best asset management tools viable online at the best prices. Every business needs to incorporate asset management software to manage and maintain the assets records properly and accurately. Choose the one best fit for your needs and streamline your business process. 

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