Leaders From Engineering Services In India 2023: Engineering Visionaries 

Engineering is the fastest-growing sector in India, with a pool of effective leaders leading the industry. As per Indian Trade Portal, the engineering industry accounts for 3.53% of the country’s GDP. Leaders from engineering services in India should offer innovative engineering solutions to help the organization improve its products, processes, and operations. To find the best leaders, Tradeflock interviewed many leaders from this industry and recognized their skills as mentioned below: 

  • Strong Magnet of Talent

Engineering leaders must encourage diversity and cultural inclusion in the industry by engaging with stakeholders, clients, and teams internally and externally. They must encourage authenticity within the organization. 

  • Hands-on mentality

How an engineering leader approaches tasks and project makes him the best engineering leader in India. A leader must have unique ways of processing information and have adeptness at solving problems instantly. 

  • Technical Chops 

As the engineering industry is driven by advancements in technology, the best engineering leaders should have technical knowledge and skills to help organisation succeed in the competitive industry. 

  • A Curious Soul 

An engineering leader must be curious about learning new skills and gaining knowledge at different levels. Successful leaders in the engineering industry are always curious about how things work and how they can make the process faster, seamless, and less time-consuming

  • Business Smart 

Since engineering is a complex industry, it requires a smart approach to business operations. The best engineering leaders in India are driven by smart monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology. They reduce costs and increase the value of the product. 

  • Networking Genious 

Great engineering leaders are recognized for their ability to bring people and influence. They must be able to collaborate with the team to work on projects and build a robust rapport that can guarantee success. 

  • Master of Execution 

A successful engineering leader in India ensures that strategies are implemented and executed as efficiently as possible. They should have a keen eye on the market microstructure to improve the performance of business operations. 

  • Cultivation of self-awareness

Great engineering leaders navigate the fast-paced tech industry landscape, so they must be self-aware of their surroundings to foster a culture of trust and cooperation. They should be adept at recognising their strengths and weaknesses and open to feedback. 

Tradeflock considers all the above-mentioned traits to make the list of India’s best leaders in engineering services in 2023. 

Company Name

Person Name


CEO and Director

Managing Director

Head of HR

Founder and Managing Director

Executive Director

Director (E, R&D)

Managing Director

Director and Promoter


Managing Director

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