10 Best Leaders from Finance in India 2022: Shortlisting Criteria

As the economies around the world are slowing down, the role of financial leadership has become more significant. Currently, their priorities are restoring the bottom line of their organisation and sailing the organisation through this financially challenging time without much hassle. Additionally, the attributes of top leaders in finance keep evolving over the years. 

TradeFlock interviewed many financial leaders and executives to identify the key features of financial leadership to select the 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022. Following are the characteristics that TradeFlock evaluates to choose the top financial leaders in India. 

Focus on enhanced customer experience

Modern-day economies are no longer about products; instead, they are about customer experience and the digital ecosystem. Top financial leaders understand and assess the true value of customers; therefore, they optimise their experiences. TradeFlock shortlists the 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022 by assessing the contribution of financial leaders to enhance the customer experience. 

Foster a change-ready culture 

Top financial leaders know businesses that are highly inspired to evolve and experimentation, and are likely to achieve greater success. They utilise cloud applications to boost efficiency, introduce new services and promote diversification in the organisation. While picking up the 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022, we assess their ability to facilitate a change-ready culture and flexibility to adopt positive changes. 

Fluidity in the dynamic environment 

Fluid skills that involve the basics of accounting, finance and technology are vital to achieving success in the ever-evolving finance segment. Top financial leaders in India understand that fluidity enables them to be flexible to change and to be agile. At TradeFlock, we pick the 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022 on the basis of their fluidity and their expertise both in technology and commerce. 

Understanding when to utilise outsourcing

Leading financial executives to have a deep understanding of multiple alternatives for outsourced finance and accounting and the right time to utilise them. This makes it easier for them to get useful insights to manage the financial operations and maintain financial stability and scalability to ensure success. During our journey to shortlist the 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022, we used to do a thorough analysis of their ability to recognise the need for outsourcing financial and accounting services. 

A vital source of information 

While finding out how the financial operations collaborate with the rest of the organisation, it is essential to recognise that the financial leader functions as a crucial source of information in the organisation. It is their core role that helps drive effective decision-making. TradeFlock does an inclusive investigation on the credibility of leaders in finance as an information source to curate its list of 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022. 

Know how to use data strategically 

Effective financial leaders emphasise the economic value of data and make their best efforts to monetise it instead of just managing it. Modern financial leaders optimise the use of data and find crucial insights from data analysis that helps in effective decision-making and enhancing the customer experience. We shortlist the 10 best leaders from finance by assessing how effectively they use data as a paramount asset. 

Manage risk with cardinal collaboration 

Top financial leaders in India value collaboration with colleagues and clients to ensure that their organisation can run smoothly in increasingly complex and unstable business conditions. They educate their team members on how to work with different departments of the company, such as sales and marketing, supply chain and administration, and maintaining corporate relationships. TrackFlock is included in the list of 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022 based on the leader’s ability to handle risk with collaborative operations and tasks. 

Develop a personalised learning journey 

Financial professionals in leadership positions tend to develop their personalised journey. In this path of learning, they value both learning from their own experiences and learning from others. We select the 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022 based on how effectively they personalise their learning path utilising diverse sources. 

Compelling crisis management 

We all know how the roles of financial leaders have evolved over the years, especially after pandemics.  Nowadays, the role of leaders in finance is shifting away from strategic leadership, organisational change and finance management to crisis management. During our journey to find the 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022, we consider their ability to manage crisis effectively. 

Contribution to ESG Programs 

Leaders in finance have a significant role to play in an organisation’s ESG programs, especially when investors’ interest has increased in these issues. In our list of 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022, we include those leaders who align their operations with the environment, society and governance.  

TrackFlock curates its list of 10 best leaders from finance in India 2022 considering the above-mentioned qualities and attributes. And, these are the major features that make top finance leaders in the corporate arena.

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