Leaders from IoT in India 2023: India’s IoT Innovisionaries

The buzz created around the Internet of Things is substantial these days, and the network of digitally interconnected devices is expected to touch trillions of dollars each year. Many enterprises and organisations worldwide have introduced IoT-enabled products, while some are working on pilot projects to achieve excellent operational efficiency. Companies that have taken a significant lead in practising IoT have leaders who played a vital role in developing a clear vision of the commercial opportunities related to IoT and building a concrete roadmap to leverage IoT to amplify the company’s revenue. 

On its journey to identify and acknowledge the best leaders from IoT in India 2023, TradeFlock interviewed numerous Indian IoT leaders and top professionals from the industry to determine the best attributes that the top leaders from IoT in India  2023 share. 

Top Traits of the Best Leaders from IoT in India 2023  

The following are the key attributes and characteristics of India’s best leaders in IoT. 

They Implement IoT Aggressively 

A study by Mckinsey shows that the best IoT leaders take moves quickly when implementing IoT, compared to less effective leaders. Since the IoT has a steep learning curve, they get an early start in implementing the potential IoT applications. They change the business processes to optimise the potential of their IoT applications. 

They Test a Lot of Use Cases 

It has been observed that many organisations are yet to proceed with their IoT projects besides that small pilot programs. There might be multiple reasons behind it, but we frequently hear that the initial use cases of IoT fail to make the considerable financial impact that can motivate organisations to push their IoT projects ahead. The most influential leaders of IoT implement as many IoT use cases as possible. 

They Transform Business Processes 

As per the opinion and remarks of top IoT leaders in India, managing changes to business processes is one of the most essential capabilities for implementing IoT applications. They redesign the techniques to make maximum out of IoT capabilities instead of casting the IoT as a pure technology play. 

They Have a Well-Defined IoT Vision 

Every company that deals with IoT wants to make the maximum out of their investment in IoT; therefore, they must be reasonable about integrating IoT capabilities in their products or services. IoT leaders who make the most impact clearly define the vision of what the organisation is trying to achieve through its IoT strategy.  

They Create Value Through IoT 

India’s most reputed IoT leaders articulate a vision for value creation as a critical success factor for the company’s IoT programs. Such a vision is essential to align the company’s IoT programs to its business strategies and to focus on well-integrated use cases. 

They Spur Action From the C-suite

The involvement of C-suite executives appears to be crucial for the success and maturity of IoT programs. The most impactful IoT leaders ensure a clear commitment and time investment of top C-level officers, including the CEO. Thus, they ensure that IoT programs are mature enough to integrate the company’s offerings. 

They Mobilise The Entire Company 

To execute inclusive IoT strategies, a significant change in corporate activities is required, including developing new products or services, adjustments in the portfolio, and management of central functions. An effective IoT leader supports frontline workers in learning relevant skills and encourages organisational collaboration to achieve these goals. 

TradeFlock uses these traits and attributes to evaluate the efficiency of IoT leaders and compose its list of the Best Leaders from IoT in India 2023. 

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