Best Podcast Startup Enthusiasts Should Follow

Listening to productive podcasts is the new trend among students and professionals. Amid hectic schedules, startup podcasts are the best way to access unique business ideas and stay updated with industry-oriented information. Startup enthusiasts can follow top business leaders through the best podcast startup and retain effective ideas. 

More than 40 million people listen to podcasts worldwide, and it is expected to grow to 500 million by 2025. They say knowledge is free, so why miss out on being productive? Here is the list of the top podcast startup enthusiasts can follow to gain insights. 

Naval Podcast By Naval Ravikant

CEO and founder of AngelList, Naval Ravikant, is a renowned entrepreneur, investor and philosopher. His podcast episodes comprise discussions on technology, startups and business strategies. Some of the popular episodes of the Naval podcast are ‘How to Get Rich, The Tim Ferriss Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, and The Knowledge Project. You can listen to this podcast on Spotify and Apple. 

No-Code Growth Stories by John Ozuysal

The tech industry is the game changer for the startup world. John Ozuysal started the podcast ‘No-Code Growth Stories’ with an idea on how businesses can use automation Saas products to scale without coding. He is the ex-growth manager of UserGuiding and also works as an investment banker. You can follow this best podcast startup to take away interesting growth hacks and marketing strategies. 

Masters of Scale By Reid Hoffman

If you are looking for the best podcast startup revolving around the concept of strategy, leadership, and management, Master of Scale is the perfect go. Reid Hoffman is the co-founder of LinkedIn and Greylock’s investor. He invited top entrepreneurs to discuss their successful business ideas to inspire listeners. You can find the conversations with popular entrepreneurs, such as Reed Hastings, Sara Blakely, Dara Khosrowshahi, Brian Chesky, and Stacy Brown, in podcasts.

This Week in Startups By Jason Calacanis

Listen to the best podcast startup to catch up with interesting stories about the entrepreneurship world. Jason Calacanis is a renowned tech entrepreneur and angel investor; he shares his valuable insights along with other guest CEOs of top startups & businesses like PayPal and Uber. You will get new ideas about what is happening in the silicon valley. 

Mixergy By Andrew Warner

Next on the list of top podcast startups is Mixergy, a one-stop place to learn from successful leaders. Andrew Warner frames the conversation to cover successful business strategies, failures and tips to scale up growth. More than 1000 entrepreneurs joined this podcast, including Konstantin Guericke (LinkedIn co-founder), Alvy Ray Smith (Pixar), and others. 

The Growth Show By Hubspot 

Hubspot needs no introduction; it is one of the top companies for inbound marketing, sales and CRM tools. You can listen to The Growth Show by Hubspot to get a blueprint on how to build a successful business and its challenges. Every new episode adds new insight into leadership, business growth & strategy for the listeners with the best podcast startup.

Marketing School By Neil Patel and Eric Siu

You can take knowledge from top marketing experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu by listening to their podcast ‘Marketing School.’ Interestingly, they share 10-minute growth marketing tips every day for listeners. More than 1000 episodes are available on email marketing, content development, marketing tactics, and others. 

The Product Podcast By Product School 

One of the top-rated skills for startup enthusiasts is product management; you can listen to ‘The Product Podcast’ to learn how leading businesses are developed. Here, you will find the episodes with product managers of LinkedIn, Spotify, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others. One of the best podcast startups to grow professionally in a career.

The GARYVEE Audio Experience By Gary Vaynerchuk

You can cover more interesting ideas in the marketing world by listening to this podcast by Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known author and entrepreneur. The episodes are a mix of interviews, solo episodes, and quick chats that help listeners track their relevant content. One of the popular podcast startups to gather new perspectives on scaling business, social media and marketing tricks. 

Platforms to Listen the Best Startup Podcasts

If a high subscription is stopping you, no worries; podcasts are free and easily accessible on multiple podcast streaming platforms using a laptop or smartphone. Put on a headphone or speaker and tap on your favourite podcast. Here are the ways for you to listen to the above podcasts:

  • Access the podcast startup through the websites of top platforms like Spotify, Apple podcast and others. All the episode links are available on the site; click on them and start listening to the podcast. 
  • You can also use apps to listen to the best podcast startups; some popular applications are Spotify, Audible, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Stitcher and others. 

Explore More Startup Podcasts! 

Top successful leaders believe that listening to the best podcast startup can create a significant impact on individual knowledge and skills. It saves time and effort with filtering and accessing the relevant information. As the coming generation shifts towards online content consumption, podcast popularity will be gearing up in the coming years. You can listen to the above-listed podcast to gain more insight into entrepreneurship, startups, business and marketing. 

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