6 Creative Staff Appreciation Ideas To Admire Your Employees

For many companies, some employees are gems who leave no stone unturned for the company’s growth. Their days are spent focusing on reaching KPI, increasing sales and revenue, and working towards the business goals, for which they deserve appreciation. Even a small gesture, once a week, month, or year, is enough to recognise their hard work for the company. Thus, we bring you the most creative staff appreciation ideas to show your employees how much they mean to you. Whether you are a manager, human resource, or team leader, these employee’s appreciation ideas will value your staff’s work. 

Tips for celebrating employees’ appreciation event

When an event is organised, there is a lot to do and consider. To simplify your task, here are some staff appreciation ideas for your next event planning. 

Arrange customised awards

Recognising all the hard work of the employees is necessary to boost their confidence, and customised awards are the best to present them. If you work as a custom designer, you can design beautiful and unique awards that represent your brand, mission, and value while honouring the employee. A custom award is more meaningful than a generic one to appreciate your employee and create excitement among other team members to earn one. 

Sponsor a team ‘outing’

Treating your team, in-person or virtual, with the best and sponsoring a trip is one of the best staff appreciation ideas. If you have responsible team members or super collaborative employees, this idea will never fail. For more fun and enjoyment, you can add activities and include yourself also into the trip. 

Organise a volunteer dayeader

Being a team leader or manager, you must understand that a satisfied employee is more engaged, and volunteering positively impacts the employee’s mental state and well-being. One of the staff appreciation ideas is to allow your employees to donate their time and skills where they want to. According to reports, 75% of millennials say it is important for companies to be philanthropic and support charity. For this, you can organise matches or other activities where employees can contribute safely. 

Try gamification event 

If you are looking for creative ideas for employees appreciation week, take some time out on the weekend and organise multiple unique games. Gamification is one of the staff appreciation ideas that can be sponsored for the office place. For more engagement and fun, choose a game that is common and everyone knows how to play. During the game event, you can give points to the winning team or individual, which they can redeem later on the corporate reward portal. It is the one thing that a team leader or manager can do to appreciate their work and motivate them for further performance. 

Express your gratitude on Social Media  

Creating an image mentioning their achievements and posting it on social media is among the best staff appreciation ideas to show your respect and gratitude to your employees. Since social media has a huge reach, many people across the industry will recognise their work and appreciate them. Just a few words, “We appreciate John’s constant hard work and innovative mind. Thank You for your dedication and loyalty towards your work and the organisation”, with the post is enough to make them feel special. In addition to this, posting on their ‘Birthdays’ and ‘Work Anniversaries’ are among the best virtual employee appreciation ideas. 

Give employees an extra off

What’s your way of appreciating your employee? Is this offering movie tickets or rewarding them with a prize? Well, these are counted as the best staff appreciation ideas, but nothing will make them happier than an ‘Extra Off’ or ‘Early Logout’. Believe us; it would not only make them happy but give them time to rejuvenate themselves. Such employee appreciation ideas will also motivate employees to work even harder and perform better.

Staff appreciation is important to recognise their hard work and dedication. Remember, every employee is not the same. Some employees are brilliant, and a few are average. But that doesn’t mean that you overlook them. They have also contributed to the company’s growth, even if only a little. Organise your event in such a way with the best staff appreciation ideas that you can push them to come out of their shelf and do better.

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