Weathering the Storm: Best Stocks and Commodities to Invest in During a Global Banking Crisis

When the storm clouds of a global banking crisis appear on the horizon, it’s essential for retail investors to stay well-informed and adapt their portfolios accordingly. The current situation with Swizz bank Credit Suisse and other financial institutions in recent weeks is an alarming one. The banking system can resemble a house of cards somewhat, and if one goes, many more may follow.

Far from being a time to panic, financial crises can instead be a time to brace for impact and consider potential opportunities. But rather than treating the system like the lottery and casino games found at online betting site, we will instead explore some of the best stocks and commodities to invest in during a global banking crisis, providing you with some crucial investment insight.

Safe Havens – Precious Metals:

In a time of financial turbulence, it is essential to safeguard your investments. Precious metals like gold and silver have historically shown their ability to hold value during turbulent times. With their limited supply and long-standing use as a store of value, investing in precious metals can provide some stability to your portfolio when the markets are rocked by a banking crisis.

Moreover, gold mining stocks can also be a suitable addition to your portfolio, as they tend to perform well in times of global uncertainty. Companies like Barrick Gold Corp (GOLD) and Newmont Corporation (NEM) have stable balance sheets and are some of the largest gold producers in the world.

Consumer Staples Stocks:

Another smart move during a banking crisis is to consider investing in consumer staples stocks. These companies produce essential goods and services like food, beverages, and household items that people need regardless of the economic conditions. Companies like Procter & Gamble (PG), and The Coca-Cola Company (KO) tend to have stable cash flows and impressive dividend history, making them a solid choice for your investment portfolio.

Utility Stocks:

Similar to consumer staples stocks, utility stocks provide services that are indispensable regardless of the economy’s health. Companies like NextEra Energy (NEE), Duke Energy (DUK), and Dominion Energy (D) offer essential services like electricity, gas, and water, which remain in demand during any crisis. As a result, utility stocks with strong dividends and healthy balance sheets can offer investors some protection during a global banking crisis.

Government Bonds:

In times of economic unrest, investors tend to flock to safer assets, which causes a rise in demand for government bonds. Investing in bonds issued by stable governments with low debt-to-GDP ratios can offer an opportunity to earn a steady income while protecting your capital. Keep an eye on U.S. Treasury Bonds, Germany’s Bunds, and UK’s Gilts as attractive options during a banking crisis.


While the stock market has been a sea of red in recent weeks, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been rallying. In fact, the ‘Big Orange Coin’ as it’s known in the crypto-community, is up 21% since March 10th, and plenty of investors are turning to decentralized options in a sign that they are losing faith in the more traditional centralized banking system.

As a global banking crisis looms large and financial institutions teeter on the brink, the prospect of banks failing seems all too real. There’s a growing sense of mistrust when it comes to traditional banking systems. This is exactly where Bitcoin shines.

Bitcoin is secured by powerful cryptography and the decentralized nature of blockchain technology grants you autonomy over your investment. It’s like a digital fortress that securely holds your assets, even when the traditional system crumbles around it.

In its relatively short existence, Bitcoin has weathered quite a few storms. But despite its significant trials and tribulations, the world’s first cryptocurrency has rebounded every time, emerging stronger than ever. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this digital gold has shown great resilience when the going gets tough. So, during a global banking crisis, it’ll stand tall as an attractive option for investors seeking a safe harbor amid the storm.

Diversification and Cash:

Having a diversified portfolio has always been the mantra of successful investing. During a global banking crisis, it’s especially important to ensure your investments are spread across different asset classes and geographies, further reducing your risks. Additionally, keeping a portion of your portfolio in cash or cash equivalents allows you to capitalize on any opportunities or discounts that may arise during a financial crisis.


A global banking crisis can undoubtedly create anxiety among retail investors. However, it’s essential to approach the situation with a clear mind and strategically invest in stocks and commodities that tend to weather the storm. By focusing on safe havens such as precious metals, consumer staples, and utility stocks, as well as government bonds and diversification, you can build a resilient portfolio capable of enduring economic turmoil.

Panic may lead to hasty decisions; instead, remain level-headed and be prepared to make informed investment choices that will serve you well in the long run.

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