Five Most Effective Big Data Solutions For Small Businesses

With too large or complex data sets, businesses might face some unexpected and unseen data-processing complications today. In this post, we have mentioned five effective big data solutions for small business and how it helps analyze, systematically extract actionable insights and access a large amount of data through traditional methods.

Let’s start with a short intro to big data solutions for small businesses if all this is alien to you.

What Is Big Data?

Simply put, big data means too large or complex data sets, especially from new data sources. These are often hard to process using traditional methods. Consider the following definition to dig deep into big data solutions for small businesses;

  • Unstructured data collection from multiple channels, including social media.
  • With more internet, businesses gather more data, thus requiring efficient processing.

How It Helps Small Businesses?

Big data solutions for small businesses help to:

  • Quickly get actionable insights from large data sets
  • Create customized customer deals based on their purchase history
  • Swiftly recalculate the entire risk portfolio
  • Identify fraud or miscellaneous cyber threats before the worst can occur
  • Bring complete data at your ease

Apart from this, leveraging big data practices can cut your cost, increase your efficiency, improve your pricing, and help in increasing sales. Below we will share the five most effective big data solutions for small businesses and how they can help to accomplish your organizational goals.

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1- Statistical Analytic System

Data analytics is now a must for every business, regardless of its size and nature. Professional Big Data companies can help you recognize patterns and get actionable insights. Having this in hand will lead to better decision-making, but ClearStory can amplify this process.

2- ClearStory Data

Are you overwhelmed with raw data and unable to get the proper insight out of it? No worries, ClearStory solutions can help you with the most effective big data solutions for small businesses to discover, analyze, process data at a scale from multiple channels.

3- Kissmetrics

Are you doing all this to boost your ROI? If yes, Kissmetrics can help your marketing department to measure the effectiveness of data and insights extracted. One of the best big data solutions for small businesses, Kissmetrics can help you forecast the outcomes before executing an idea, similar to data science.

4- Google Analytics

We cannot talk about big data solutions for small businesses without Google Analytics. It is an accessible, easy-to-use data analytic tool. It measures your website traffic reports and allows you to get insight into your website’s performance. It can help you shape your business as per industry standards.

5- Qualtrics

If you don’t have any rich data source right now, research might be the correct answer to all your questions. Qualtrics allows you to integrate all your data sources into one channel to collect data, analyze and extract data-driven insights. It also helps you measure, prioritize and optimize the experience you provide.

These are the best big data solutions for small businesses that will transform the businesses and help in growth with better decision-making.

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