Biggest Sportswear Brand In The World Based On Revenue

Forbes recently ranked the Biggest Sportswear Brand in the world, in which American Sports Shoe brand Nike tops the list. With a market cap of $39.1 Billion, Nike holds almost 42% of the entire sports market in the USA. But, this is the only sports brand in the world; there are many in the queue, striving to beat Nike anytime soon.

In this post, we will tell you about the ten Biggest Sportswear Brands in the world. We ranked the Biggest Sportswear Brand based on several factors, including revenue. If you are looking forward to building like one of these Biggest Sportswear Brands, here are the fast money-making business ideas you should opt for right now.

  1. Nike: $36.8 Billion
  2. Adidas: $29.94 Billion
  3. Puma: $15.5 Billion
  4. Under Armour: $8.71 Billion
  5. Fila: $7.15 Billion
  6. New Balance: $7.2 Billion
  7. Reebok: $3.9 Billion
  8. Columbia: $2.8 Billion
  9. Asics: $2.6 Billion
  10. Champion: $40 Million

1- Nike

Talking about the Biggest Sportswear Brand in the world, Nike remains on the top. Started as “Bill Robbin Sports,”Nike was founded by Bill Bowerman and ‎Phil Knight. With a revenue of nearly $40 Billion, this American sportswear brand is leading the international sportswear market for a good time now.

Why Nike Is The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

The credit goes to its marketing techniques, which portrayed its image as a reliable brand in the athletic footwear market. Nike is famous not only for its high-quality footwear but also for its sportswear clothing.

Foundation Year: 1964

Total Market Cap: 36 Billion US Dollar

2- Adidas

The second giant in the sportswear market, Adidas always gives tough competition to its rival Nike. Adolf Dassler founded it after stepping off from Puma. While both Biggest Sportswear Brands are mainly footwear manufacturing, there always remains a high competition between both.

Why Adidas Is The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

Thanks to Adidas’s high-quality products, innovative materials, and an inspiring brand image in the market, the famous “Three Stripes” are ruling the sportswear industry. Adidas is regarded as the Biggest Sportswear Brand mainly for its wide range of products, perhaps broader than Nike.

Foundation Year: 1949

Total Market Cap: 29 Billion US Dollar

3- Puma 

Did you know that Puma was founded by Rudolf Dassler, brother of Adidas’s founder Adolf Dassler? The brothers originally founded Puma, but after a major argument, they decided to go separate ways. Though Adidas has become a big name today, Puma is constantly in the competition.

Why Puma Is The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

Along with its capability to produce various types of specialized shoes, Puma takes its inspiration from professional athletes and seeks suggestions during the production process. Besides quality products, Puma takes style and comfort hand-in-hand.

Foundation Year: 1948

Total Market Cap: 15.5 Billion US Dollar

4- Under Armour 

Like the top three Biggest Sportswear Brands on the list, Under Armour is the Biggest Sportswear Brand in itself. Founded by Kelvin Plank, Under Armour deals in athletic shoes, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, leggings, and accessories, unlike other sportswear brands. 

Why Under Armour Is The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

The number one reason why Under Armour is the Biggest Sportswear Brand is its marketing strategy. Of course, the product quality goes hand-in-hand. One thing that thriving companies can learn from Under Armour is its ambitious mindset, due to which the company reached this point in a short span.

Foundation Year: 1996

Total Market Cap: 8.71 Billion US Dollar

5- Fila 

Everyone either had a pair or wished for one from Fila. Founded by Fila Brothers (Ettore and Giansevero Fila), this Italian sportswear brand originally designed clothing and footwear for people living in Italian Alps. However, the brand has now entered into the lifestyle segment as well.

Why Fila Is The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

Over the years, Fila has become a good brand with a never-faded reputation for delivering quality footwear. Fila gets rave reviews for its products, especially for footwear. Fila’s revenue skyrocketed due to its foolproof market research and product demand. 

Foundation Year: 1911

Total Market Cap: 7.15 Billion US Dollar

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6- New Balance 

Here is another Biggest Sportswear Brand that primarily deals in footwear. Founded by William J. Riley, New Balance’s shoes widens the toe box, and that extra room makes them more athlete-focused. 

Why Is New Balance The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

New Balance was not even a brand until 1960, when the company shifted its focus to athletic sneakers. With the right technology and mechanism, the company designs its sneakers with a thick midsole, keeping comfort and athletic specs in mind.

Foundation Year: 1906

Total Market Cap: 7.2 Billion US Dollar

7- Reebok 

Among the top ten Biggest Sportswear Brands in the world, Reebok comes in at sixth place. Focusing on the founder–Joseph William Foster’s vision to deliver quality sports accessories, the company has expanded its portfolio to all types of athletic apparel, besides dominating the shoe market.

Why is Reebok The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

Though Adidas acquired Reebok in 2005, the company is still selling its products under this brand. One of the biggest reasons why Reebok is so famous is its quality and customer-centric products.

Foundation Year: 1958

Total Market Cap: 3.9 Billion US Dollar

8- Columbia 

Founded by Paul Lamfrom, Columbia Sports started as a small hut maker brand. Though the company has now become a billion-dollar brand, the success lies in its business ethics of delivering the utmost quality with no compromise. 

Why Columbia Sportswear Is The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

Besides having all the products designed with high-quality material, Columbia Sportswear has an affordable price, making it the Biggest Sportswear Brand in the world. Pricing and cost play a crucial role in building a brand, and Columbia sportswear has learned this well.

Foundation Year: 1938

Total Market Cap: 2.8 Billion US Dollar

9- Asics 

Founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka, this Japanese company is best known for its footwear mainly. Started as an athletic gear manufacturing company, Asics has built a strong reputation in the sportswear industry with its high-quality products.

Why Is Asics The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

Unlike urban brands like Nike and Adidas, Asics focused on producing footwear for casual and distance runners, giving it an empty ground to build its empire, and the company did so. Asics designs sports shoes that are high in quality but low in price.

Foundation Year: 1949

Total Market Cap: 2.6 Billion US Dollar

10- Champion

Feinbloom Brothers (Abraham and William Feinbloom) started this US-based sportswear company to design sportswears that are affordable for aspiring athletes who don’t have much money to purchase expensive athletic gear.  Whether you call it global sympathy or the company’s goodness, Champion now has a wide demographic appeal.

Why Is Champion The Biggest Sportswear Brand?

In recent years, the company has collaborated with several brands like Supreme and Vetements, giving it a new area to dominate. Champion became so popular for the innovations it brought to the sportswear industry, such as anti-shrink and heat preventive designs.

Foundation Year: 1919

Total Market Cap: 40 Million US Dollar

Final Words

Hopefully, you have been inspired by these Biggest Sportswear Brands in the world. We must say that these companies didn’t turn into brands overnight; they sacrificed everything, as we’ve always told the readers in our Business Marketing Tips.

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