Black Friday and the Real History Behind it

Why Trade War Won’t Hurt Black Friday Sales?
Why Trade War Won’t Hurt Black Friday Sales?

Are you the one, who doesn’t know why it is called black Friday? In clear notes, Black Friday is not all about the holiday. According to the history channel, the name was first originated in the 1869 financial crisis, in which stock frauds and corruption caused the U.S. gold market to collapse entirely. On that day, two infamous Wall Street financiers, namely Jay Gould and Jim Fisk widely were credited to the faulty investments – saw the market 20% fall in a single day.

As it turned out, many football fans were rushing into the streets of Philadelphia for another reason which was “Shopping”. The city’s retailers wanted to capitalize on the increased traffic, so they tried to eliminate the negative connotation around Black Friday, also called ‘Big Friday’. According to the telegraph, early in 1966, newspaper ads were using ‘Black Friday’ to call in eager shoppers. Slow and gradually other people joined in, and by 1975 bus & taxi drivers were also using the term, and by 1980 it began spreading nationwide, setting the biggest deal with retailers in every city for the day after Thanksgiving. In 2018, more than 160 million Americans were swarming to shop during Thanksgiving weekend.


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