Bridging the Gender Gap in Innovation

Vandana Dogra  
Director, Incture

Vandana Dogra stands at the forefront of business leadership, her expertise honed through years of steering expansive, pivotal projects. Adept at orchestrating diverse teams that span functions, geographies, and cultures, she currently spearheads the Integration practice at Incture. There, she is committed to rapidly deploying digital solutions that effectively tackle intricate business hurdles for clients.

Have you ever encountered AI bias in the age of rapidly evolving AI? How can we ensure AI development considers the needs of everyone regardless of gender? How does a gender gap in data representation influence AI outcomes? These pertinent questions highlight the significant impact diverse perspectives can have on innovation.


With technology reshaping the world around us, diverse perspectives become instrumental in driving innovation. This is not just from a fairness angle but also from the point of view of harnessing the full potential of human ingenuity to create a better future for all. Until women have equal representation and a truly inclusive environment to thrive in, innovation remains incomplete. Underrepresentation is a missed opportunity.


Let’s take a step back and enter the familiar territory of the kitchen. Women have long been the undisputed champions of innovation in this area, faced with limited resources and tight deadlines (think of school lunches for children or last-minute dinner parties). They orchestrate culinary masterpieces, repurpose leftovers, and invent clever storage solutions. These skills involve problem-solving under pressure and a keen understanding of family’s needs and that is exactly the skills required to drive innovation across all fields. 


As a Women in Technology and a champion for Diversity and Inclusion, I firmly believe that having women in the forefront of innovation is essential for the progress and well-being of the global landscape.


A Call to Action


Celebrating women’s achievements in innovation becomes important. Highlighting their success stories can inspire future generations, unlocking a wealth of untapped potential that exists today. Recognizing their accomplishments will not only motivate others but also reinforce the importance of diversity in driving innovation forward.


To close the gender gap in innovation, it becomes important to support women-led start-ups by providing them with the resources and opportunities they need. Successful women entrepreneurs serve as role models, inspiring more women to enter the entrepreneurial space and thereby increasing the pool of innovative ideas.


Networking is key to closing the innovation gender gap, offering women vital connections, resources, and inspiration. Mentorship programs targeting women foster diversity and innovation, building their skills and confidence as innovators. Together, we can tap into the full range of human talent for a future rich in innovation.