Challenges of Real-time Leadership

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things but is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” – Ronald Reagan

Leadership has always been a paramount aspect of any organisation. Whether you’re holding a position of authority or leading a team towards success, each day brings new challenges and obstacles, which impact the ability to lead effectively. Even after two years of dealing with the vicious COVID-19 pandemic, its impact is still up in the air; every industry’s leaders are dealing with numerous challenges, ranging from supply chain disruptions, talent shortages and managing remote or hybrid teams to coping with inflation. The unfamiliar times teach leaders to operate in the moment – in the actual circumstances of the reality they face. 

15 members of the Forbes Technology Council spoke about the challenges they faced in 2022 and strategies they formed to overcome them. Team building, developing the next generation of tech professionals, keeping up with the digital transformation, developing data-driven decision-making models, managing cybersecurity, upskilling team members, and many others are the real-time leadership challenges that shook their leadership expertise. Understanding and practising real-time leadership hone the ability to explore novel paths to deal with challenges. 

As per the book “Real Time Leadership: Find Your Winning Moves When The Stakes Are High” by David Noble and Carol Kauffman, “The best leaders, in the biggest moments, know how to read the situation, respond in the most effective way possible, and move forward. The hardest part of leadership is mastering the inevitable high-risk, high-stakes challenges.” In the book, they talked about the innovative MOVE framework that helps leaders master the moment and slow down high-stakes situations in real-time. 

Making leadership decisions in today’s fast, rapid business landscape is not easy; leaders need to be prepared for the real-time challenges to overcome them. Staying informed, updated, and understanding the ground reality of these challenges and how they impact the business is undeniably paramount.

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