Which Cloud Services For Startups Are Best For Small Business

Gone are the days when people used to store every important information in files and hard drives. It meant that one could only share their data once the hard drive or files were shared personally. However, cloud services for startups came as a boom of technology in recent years. You know, when cloud hosting services were introduced to the masses, people were not sure how safe or secure these services would be. Cloud hosting or cloud services have turned out to be a miracle for businesses. While companies were looking for a reliable place to safely store their data, they have turned their heads toward premium cloud services for startups.   

After the pandemic, adapting through cloud platforms has become a necessity as it allows easy sharing of files and information all across the cloud space without using any hardware tools or coming in direct contact with the person. Now that you are looking for some suitable cloud services for startups, we would suggest the most trusted hosting software. 

So let’s dive into the article. 

Why use cloud services for startups? 

To be precise, cloud services are digital services that allow a new business to generate better storage space that is promisingly safe and secured. The cloud services for startups provide a remote server space where you can easily access a client’s data and share it with an assigned individual. 

It is very easy to maintain the cloud hosting service as it is customisable and provides safe and secure storage with user accessibility. When buying professional cloud hosting services for startups, it includes, 

  • Cloud Hosting 
  • Cloud Backup 
  • Software as a Services (SaaS)

These services would help a business manage all the essential functions and take care of the tasks that include large files like web hosting etc. 

Best companies providing cloud services for startups 

It is always advisable to take professional help, especially when you are on the verge of starting a new venture. Seeking help would give a better understanding of the industry and would enhance your capabilities. 

1. AWS 

Established in 2006, AWS is among the best providers of cloud services for startups. They function in more than 20 regions worldwide and deliver every hosting service like firewalls, load balancing, etc. 

Benefits of using AWS’s cloud services for startups 

It is the safest cloud provider with scalable, trustworthy, and versatile applications. Also, you do not have to pay at once, once you move to the next service, the payment option is readily available. 

2. Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure was initially named 2010 Windows Azure, later it was renamed in 2014. It is known for assuring the best cloud services for startups. Some prime applications are MS SQL, IIS, Exchange servers, etc. You get solutions like Paas, Saas, and Iass. 

Benefits of using Microsoft Azure’s Cloud services for startups 

Being a multinational platform, it is easy to connect with cloud storage, and also it provides diverse operating systems, tools, languages, libraries, etc. You can easily try a 30-day free version of cloud hosting. 

3. Google Cloud Platform

It is one of the most popular and easy-to-use cloud services for startups. Google Cloud Platform or GCP is the best for providing all the facilities you are looking for in a cloud hosting service. It is easily aligned with other popular facilities like Gmail, YouTube, Search Engines, etc. 

Benefits of using Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud services for startups 

The best part of using GCP is the flexible payment option, as you can use the Pay As You Go option or ask for a free trial. Along with this benefit, you can trust the brand names.  

There are many other cloud service startups present in the country, including Citrix Content Collaboration, G Suite etc. You can easily take the services and keep your business at your fingertips. 

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