Top 10 Best Consulting Firms In India

If you are looking for Consulting firms in India, this post is the final stop for you. Read the complete article to know what a consulting firm is, what it does and what are the top consulting firms in India.

A consultancy firm has consultants that provide expert advising services. Through data-driven analysis, these services are intended at assisting and guide a firm in achieving its core objectives and maximising its performance potential.

A consulting business can provide a wide range of services, including strategy, issue resolution, and planning. Project management solutions are frequently included in the scope of work, in addition to providing actionable outcomes. Consulting firms in India are notorious for charging high fees for their services and may be tremendously successful.

What is the Definition of a Consulting Firm?

A consulting firm is a company made up of industry specialists who provide professional advice, direction, and practical solutions to organisations with problems they can’t solve on their own. Every business is going to have issues, and consulting firms are hired to help address them.

Consulting firms in India may be found in almost every sector. Finance, healthcare, advertising, engineering, architecture, technology, and even the public sector all have businesses dedicated to specialised professions and activities.

List of Consulting Firms in India

While McKinsey, Bain, or BCG are likely to deliver the most effective resume enhancement, each of the major consulting companies has a unique combination of size and prestige that can propel you forward.

The following is a list of top consulting firms in India that have been reviewed in a variety of criteria.

Bain & Company 

Bain is the newest of the top three consulting firms in the world. Out of the Big 3, this corporation lays a strong focus on friendship and has the “frattiest” culture. Bain presently employs approximately 8,000 employees in 50 offices across the world, and its revenue in 2019 was anticipated to be $4.5 billion.

In B&C consulting firms in India, consultants are still obliged to work long hours in exchange for intriguing projects and attractive exit chances, even though “Bainees” create solid connections among their staff. The business has a local staffing approach, which means that projects are located as close as feasible to each local office.

Boston Consulting Group 

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is among well-known consulting firms in India as an innovative thought leader with a strong focus on strategy. BCG has a strong intellectual culture that values innovation and academics. The company employs over 21,000 people in 90 offices throughout the world. In 2020, the corporation made $8.6 billion in sales.

BCG is frequently regarded as one of the best consultancy firms in India and the greatest places to work, despite the fact that its consultants are required to work long hours. The Strategy Lab and the BCG Fellows programme are two of the firm’s distinctive initiatives for high achievers. BCG also has a number of programmes and internships dedicated to diversity, which is one of the firm’s key beliefs.

McKinsey & Company 

McKinsey & Company is one of the well-known consulting firms in India and around the world. The firm is routinely regarded as the number one most valuable brand in the consulting business, making it the most respected firm on the list. The firm has expanded to over 30,000 people in over 120 offices throughout the world since its establishment in 1926. In 2019, the corporation raked in a record $10.5 billion in sales.

One of the most competitive hiring processes in the world is at McKinsey. Candidates with Ivy League credentials and/or distinguished job records are often hired by the firm. McKinsey is also notable for being the first consulting firm to hire advanced experts with non-business degrees.

TATA Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the largest native consulting firms in India that has been helping organisations accomplish their goals for over 50 years by integrating digital knowledge with business intelligence.

Organizations are experiencing competitive pressures from disruptive enterprises as digital technologies change the industry, shortening and complicating the product life cycle. TCS emphasises that in order to develop and prosper, businesses must use digital technology to enhance existing operations and gain a new competitive edge.


In 2014, Ernst & Young bought The Parthenon Group, bolstering EY’s status as a Big 4 consulting business. EY-Parthenon is a strategic consulting firm with approximately 6,500 employees throughout the world. Consumer, diversified industrial goods, education, financial services, health care, life sciences, oil and gas, private equity and technology, media and telecom are among the industries where the company consults C-suite, corporate, and organisational executives.

Despite having access to the resources, worldwide reach, and capabilities of one of the world’s corporate behemoths, EY-Parthenon maintains its signature boutique culture and is arguably one of the best consultancy firms in India.


Accenture is among the strategic consulting firms in India that specialises in technology. With an estimated 506,000 employees worldwide, the company has a large footprint. Accenture is a terrific place to work for prospective consultants who want to learn more about technology.

Accenture is regarded as having a demanding work environment. Although overtime is voluntary, many consultants are said to require extra hours. Accenture experts said networking is crucial for landing the finest teams and projects.

Deloitte Consulting 

Deloitte Consulting has developed a name for itself in the field of consulting firms in India, despite the fact that the company’s core competence was in accounting. Deloitte has the largest revenue market share, with $47.6 billion in sales annually. With more than 334,000 specialists globally, the business is routinely recognised as the fourth most prominent consulting firm (following MBB).

Strategy and Operations, Technology, and Human Capital are the three practise areas in which Deloitte provides consulting services. Consultants usually focus on one practice area to recruit for and grow their careers.

Insight Sourcing Group.

The Insight Sourcing Group is a leading strategic sourcing and one of the procurement consulting firms in India & around the globe. The business, which was founded in 2002 by consulting alumni from firms such as Accenture and Deloitte, takes great delight in assisting customers with the complexities – and costs – of procurement and sourcing. The organisation, which has only 165 workers, has a culture of close-knit expertise spread among only a few sites, with Atlanta functioning as the headquarters.

Analysis Group, Inc.

Analysis Group is a leading economic consultancy organisation around the globe. What is the definition of economic consulting? During litigation, this field of consulting assists clients (usually legal firms and governments) with research and analysis. Analysis Group provides you with the opportunity to do economic analysis inside an advising position if you’re a numbers geek and econ genius.


Mercer is the largest human resources consulting organisation in the world. Mercer is headquartered in New York City and employs over 25,000 people in more than 44 nations. It also operates globally in more than 130 countries. The company’s yearly revenue is estimated to be over $5 billion.


Consulting firms in India may be found almost everywhere — in practically every sector — and attempt to solve virtually any problem. If your company is dealing with a problem that is beyond its capabilities, hiring a consulting firm may be the best option.

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