Why Is COVID-19 Not Slowing Down In China? Key Points 

China is continuously under lockdown due to continuous COVID-19 cases, but the country reported a massive surge in cases recently as the Chinese government lifted the three-year lockdown last month. 

Eric Feigl-Ding, an Epidemiologist and health economist, claimed that the hospitals in China had been completely overwhelmed since the restrictions dropped. He also predicted that over 60 per cent of the China population and 10 per cent of the Earth’s population is likely infected by the virus in the next 90 days, and death will likely be in the millions.   

“”This is just the start”” ━ he tweeted and shared the video from the hospital showing dead bodies stacked in rooms and corridors. 

Key Points To Know About Rising COVID-19 Cases In China 

  • Reports suggested that over 70 per cent of Beijing’s population has been hit by the virus, which has confined millions of people to their homes. 
  • According to the reports, Covid-19 will hit 60 per cent of the China population and 10 per cent of the world’s population. 
  • Experts suggested that the Zero COVID policy did not help in mitigating the virus spread. 
  • While other countries are learning to live with the virus and relying on vaccines, China believes the Zero COVID policy will prevent lives.
  • China recently revised its national guidelines and eased the lockdown, which resulted in rapid virus spread. 
  • One reason for the increasing COVID-19 cases is the continuously changing virus behaviour.
  • Another reason for the COVID-19 spread in the country is the poor vaccination rate in the country. As the reports suggest, only half of the population aged 80 and above received the primary vaccine dose. 

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How Will It Impact India?

It is a matter of concern for India as well. The reason behind this is seven variants, which are causing a current surge in China, have reached the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium and detected in India last month. Citing the same, Kerala Health Expert Dr Rajeev Jayadevan said that even though the country is showing a sharp decrease in COVID-19 cases, the pandemic isn’t over and precautions still need to be taken.

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