Criteria for Selecting an Apt Consulting Firm

An Advanced Persistent Threat(APT) is an emerging threat in which an intruder establishes an undetected presence in a network to steal sensitive business data for a prolonged period. According to the Crowdstrike Global Threat Report of 2023, it was found that Carderbee APT targeted organisations in Hong Kong and Asian regions with PlugX malware. The cyberattack becomes easier for intruders as these organisations don’t take security measures.

There are various such incidents in which organisations lose their data and credentials due to a lack of expertise in handling APT attacks. Global organisations and companies have hired APT consulting firms in the last few years to prepare themselves for such attacks. As per Deliotee’s recent study, the global APT advisory market is expected to grow remarkably and is projected to reach $184.7 billion by 2027. Industry experts also claim that during 2023-2027, this market will grow at a CAGR of 3.4%, resulting in the entry of new APT consulting firms.

Since most businesses operate in the digital ecosystem, the chances of APT attacks are on the surge. Businesses must choose the right consulting firm that understands security concerns and provides expert and evidence-based advice.

Security and Risk Management: Data breaches and identity theft are major concerns of businesses of different sizes. When choosing an APT consulting firm, management needs to ensure they have a robust risk management and security assessment blueprint.

Experience and Expertise: One of the foremost considerations of businesses should be to assess the experience and expertise of the APT consulting firm. The executive’s role is to evaluate a consultant’s track record and credentials in delivering advice.

Industry Knowledge: With the rapid rise of niche consultancies, it has become easier for businesses to select the consulting firm that aligns with their service domain. A consulting firm well-versed with industry knowledge can bring unique solutions.

Personalised Advisory: According to a Gartner report, more than 80% of organisations prefer personalised consultation for business issues. When hiring a consulting firm for APT advisory, opt for the dedicated consultant.

Terms of Contract: Business owners must review the contract terms before hiring an APT consulting firm. Consider every factor, such as terms of service, payment structure, and confidentiality assurance of the organisation’s data.

Choosing an APT consulting firm that can provide timely advice on mitigating the attacks and protecting the company’s confidential data is necessary for every business. The executives and directors are responsible for assessing the firm’s terms of service and other factors in detail before hiring any consulting company.

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