Cutting-Edge Engineering Behind Amusement Parks

A theme park today has become a global trade, generating a total revenue of nearly $19 billion with the arrival of a whopping $250 million visitors annually. According to the market research report by Global Industry Analysts, the revenue generated by theme parks in 2020 was $44 billion, which increased to $82 billion in 2023. It has witnessed almost twice the growth in the last three years, one of the highest in the entertainment industry. 

Amusement and theme parks cater to a specific target audience, mainly kids, so roller coasters, drop towers, and pendulum rides are the source of attraction, which requires precise and cautious engineering practices. In the United States, there are a total of 596 amusement parks, of which Walt Disney is the one that has been visited by over 1 billion since its opening in 1955. The level of investment and engineering work in such theme parks makes fun rides memorable and safe for parents and kids.

Engineers play a vital role in turning the idea of a fun ride into reality by using various architectural frameworks and implementing them strategically. A theme park involves various engineering forms, including structural, mechanical, electrical, computer science, etc.

A Strategic Mind Behind the Fun Rides

The efforts put into the structural design and functioning of fun rides are complex and require strategic planning and the implementation of engineering principles. In an interview with Better Cloud, Steve Alcorn, Disney’s first system engineer, shared his experience behind the fun rides, which look easier from the front. Alcorn is the CEO of Alcorn McBride Inc., a manufacturer of show control and audio & video equipment that are widely used in theme parks.

He said creating and designing amusement park attractions is like a village. Once the project’s creative team comes up with an idea, it’s the engineers’ job to build it per industry standards. Architectural engineers are the ones who ensure that the buildings remain standing despite the millions of tonnes of moving vehicles and special effects equipment inside.

Ingenious Engineering: The Lifeline of Amusement & Theme Parks

Engineers stand as unsung heroes in the fun-filled realm of amusement and theme parks, setting the stage and fueling the rides that captivate everyone’s attention. Whether it’s structural or mechanical engineering, every engineer has a huge responsibility, and there is no room for error. Since the entertainment industry is evolving, the role of engineers is a marvel behind the fun-filled moments and mitigating the risk of uncertain incidents in public places.

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