Biggest Dairy Brands In India Making Considerable Profits

The dairy industry in India is one of the fastest and largest growing industries of all. Not only does it produce milk or milk made products but also contribute to the country’s employment. Some popular dairy brands in India are providing considerable job opportunities and raising the economic level of the country.

There are several dairy brands in India that produce different dairy (milk) products such as yogurt, cheese, butter, paneer, and even ice creams. All dairy products are widely used across the country and have been a part of homes for several years. This is what made private dairy companies in India earn considerable profit. 

Here is the list of the most popular and highest turnover-generating dairy brands in India.  

Dairy Brands  Annual Turnover (in Billions)
Amul  392 
Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation 155
Mother Dairy  100
Dudhsagar Dairy  42.54
Dynamix Dairy 16.67


Found in 1946, Amul is the largest producer of milk and milk products that has become the largest company in  FMCG Industry India. The brand needs no introduction as every home must own at least one Amul dairy product. 

Producing more than five dairy products, including milk, dahi, ghee, ice creams, paneer, etc, Amul has really done well and endeavors in the overseas market. 

Run and managed by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited, Amul is one of the largest dairy brands in India, with an annual turnover of 392 billion. 

Annual Turnover- 392 Billion 

Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation

Talking about the dairy companies listed in India, Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation is settled at the number second on the list. Founded in 1974, this company is one of the biggest dairy federations in South India. 

Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation has over 13157 Dairy Cooperative Societies at the village level and is owned and managed by all the milk producers of Karnataka State. 

It is one of the fastest-growing dairy companies in India and wants to increase its rural prosperity through dairy development. Making almost 155 Billion annual turnovers, the brand is creating brand recognition all over India. 

Annual Turnover Р155 Billion 

Mother Dairy 

With almost 100 billion annual turnovers, Mother Dairy is one of the popular dairy brands in India. Founded in 1974 and operated by the National Dairy Development Board, Mother Dairy has made its place in every individual’s hearts with its quality product. 

The company produces all dairy products, including milk, paneer, ghee, dahi, ice-cream, and other milk items. The company has six dairy plants in the country.

Besides producing dairy products, the company also deals in edible oil, processed foods, juices, fruit beverages, pickles, jams, and other food-related items. Thus, it has become the most popular food brand in India. 

Annual Turnover Р100 Billion 

Dudhsagar Dairy 

Dudhsagar Dairy was founded in 1963, and since then, the company has been growing and today it is known as one of the most profitable dairy brands in India. With almost 42.54 Billion profit in a year, Dudhsagar Dairy has marked its rank at fourth place on our list of private dairy companies in India. 

The product range includes pasteurized milk, butter, skimmed milk, table butter, infant milk powder, sterilized flavoured milk, dahi, paneer and many more milk products. 

The company is marked under the brand name AMUL, but it has made its own identity with its excellent quality products. 

Annual Turnover – 42.54 billion

Dynamix Dairy

Started in 1995, the company produces milk, milk powder, butter, cheese, dahi, paneer, ghee and many other milk items. The company is situated in Maharashtra and has become one of the largest dairy brands in India because of its high profitability. 

The company earned almost 16.67 Billion in a year and is one of the biggest suppliers of dairy products in Maharashtra state, along with others. 

Dynamix Dairy has been doing fabulous for the last two decades as it aims to produce quality products for its consumers. 

Annual Turnover 16.67

These are the biggest dairy companies in India doing well not only in their sector but also contributing to the country’s economy by providing several job opportunities.  

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