Top 10 Diamond Companies in India

Diamond is the most sparkling gemstone, and Indian women as well as men are obsessed with this gemstone. Do you know which Diamond company in India contributes the most to enhancing women’s beauty? If not, this blog will tell you about which diamond company has the highest net profit of the year and how Indian diamond companies are growing and recognized all over the world. 

Commonly known as the symbol of love, the Diamond is considered the most precious stone in the world. However, it is the hardest natural material and needs to be cut delicately. Every woman loves to wear and flaunt Diamonds. Be it Marilyn Moore or Sushmita Sen, they all have worn big Diamonds on their fingers. But beyond craving to wear a beautiful diamond ring or necklace, a few people are curious to know the facts about Diamond companies in India that articulate them beautifully in contemporary designs.

There are two types of industries involved in Diamonds. Both deal in different grades such as

  • Gem-grade Diamond 
  • Industrial-grade Diamond

India proudly holds 23 diamond mines, out of 38 all over the world, which are located in Golconda and are considered the ‘Diamond Capital’ of ancient times. 10 diamond manufacturing companies in India drool over this precious stone to revamp its beauty. Let’s check out which diamond company in India has had the highest annual net profits in the last few years and rank them accordingly. 

Ranking Top 10 Diamond Manufacturing Companies in India (Based on their Annual Turnover)

RankingDiamond Company in IndiaYearly Turnover in INR (in Cr.)
10 Radhika Jewel29.69
9Rajesh Exports Ltd30.38
7Goldiam Inter56.88
6Asian Star57.31
4Vaibhav Global99.90
3Senco Gold160.91
2Kalyan Jeweller389.89
1Titan Company3,333

10- Radhika Jewel

Radhika Jewel is an old and well-known diamond manufacturer in India. Having been established in 1987, it has been in the business for more than 3 decades. They have a reputation for making unprecedented designs on a variety of jewellery pieces. The company was founded by Parsi businessman Mr Ashok Zinzuwadia and his father Mr Mathurbhai Zinziwadia. This makes this company one of the top 10 diamond companies in India. 

Net Profit- ₹29.69 crore

9- Rajesh Exports Ltd

Rajesh Company Ltd. has secured its place on the list of top 10 diamond companies in India because of its offering quality. This Diamond company in India came into existence in 1989 and since then it has marked its presence in the jewellery market by offering authorized and hallmark-certified collections. The company was founded by Rajesh Mehta and his brother in 1989 and in the last 34 years, it has become one of the top diamond companies in India. 

Net Profit- ₹30.38 crore

8- Tribhovandas 

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd. is a popular diamond company in India. Since the year of its inception in 1984, the company has shown enormous success in the diamond market by offering mesmerizing designs and certified diamonds. 

The company is ranked #8 on the list of 10 diamond companies in India because of delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

Net Profit- ₹39.67 crore

7- Goldiam Inter

With a yearly revenue of 1,330 Cr. INR, Goldiam Inter has become one of the most renowned and top diamond companies in India. The company has significantly won customers’ hearts by delivering pure and finest Polish diamonds in various major parts of the world. Today the company is known for cutting diamonds with the help of new techniques and their skill sets. 

Net Profits- ₹56.88 crore

6- Asian Star

Asian Star Company is the 6th among the top Diamond companies in India. With a production capacity of 300,000 pieces annually, Asian Star Company has achieved enormous success and made its identity in the international market. The company has its headquarters in Surat, Gujarat, and has 1,600 skilled artisans and workers. 

Net Profits- ₹57.31 crore

5- Thangamayil

Another diamond company in India is Thangamayil which is known as one of the top Diamond manufacturers in India as of now. Due to its exceptional quality and highest ethical standard, the company has over 1500 cr. turnover annually. 

Today, the company is well-known in the jewellery market for offering hallmark gold, quality diamonds and other latest design ornaments. The best part is, that the company also offers a savings scheme to customers to invest in gold jewellery. Thangamayil is the most-trusted and largest international Diamond industry where people can customize their diamonds according to their preferences and choices. 

Net Profits- $79.74 crore

4- Vaibhav Global

Vaibhav Global is one of the largest diamond companies in India and has a remarkable presence in the global market. The company is said to be the world’s largest supplier of diamonds because of its great performance in quality, variety, and wonderful services. With hundreds of thousands of skilled workers, it has become one of the largest Diamond companies in India. 

Net Profit- ₹99.90 crore

3- Senco Gold

Senco Gold and Diamond is a subsidiary of Senco Gold Limited and one of the top diamond companies in India, having been in the business for almost 5 decades. The company deals in all kinds of jewellery and extravagant objects. However, their area of expertise is their diamond business which has been flourishing for 50 years now. The company was founded in Kolkata and if there is one thing we know about Bengal is that they don’t mess with their jewellery. 

Net Profit- ₹160.91 crore

2- Kalyan Jeweller

‘Kalyan Jewelers’ – the name is enough to introduce the next company in the list of top diamond companies in India. The company is also one of the top Diamond brands in India because of the best quality, unique design, finest cutting, and polishing. Kalyan Jewelers has highly skilled craftsmen who walk the extra mile to bring perfection to the products.   

Net Profit- ₹389.89 crore1- Titan Company

1- Titan Company

A diamond from Titan can complete a woman’s beauty. Yes, it is to be said about Titan Diamond. The company is a leading Diamond company in India known for offering quality, a wide variety of products, and their intricate designs.   With the help of skilled employees and state-of-the-art tools, the company manages to maintain its dignity in the local and international markets as well. Firestar Diamonds ranked in the first position on the list of Diamond companies in India in terms of revenue. 

Net Profit- ₹3,333 crore.

Final Words 

Diamond is the first choice in jewellery for any lady and These companies are leaving no stone unturned in enhancing the beauty of our gorgeous ladies. 

From Tital to Trobhovandas, these are the top 10 Diamond companies that have set a benchmark in the Diamond industry. If you’re looking for motivation to start a business, these companies have inspirational stories. 

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