Digital Platform for Diabetes Care

It is common knowledge that India is the diabetes capital of the world. In 2023, a study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research–India Diabetes (ICMR-INDIAB) confirmed that the country had 101 million diabetics.

The ICMR study further revealed that the number of diabetic cases in India increased by an alarming 44 percent in four years, from 70 million diabetes affected people in 2019. The study also deciphered that 15.3 percent of the population of India (at least 136 million people) were pre-diabetic.

Situation in India is grim as far as the incidence of diabetes is concerned, indicating towards a major health catastrophe in the future. In this scenario, an app-based online healthcare solution to address the ogress of diabetes is very much welcome.

BeatO is a New Delhi-based healthcare brand of Health Arx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The brand is guided by the lofty mission to bring a positive impact in the lives of more than one crore people with diabetes in India, by 2026. Its vision is to foster positive health outcomes and bring joy to the lives of individuals living with diabetes. It operates through BeatO app.

BeatO is projected as India’s largest virtual diabetes care platform. It offers scientifically validated, all-encompassing diabetes care programs designed to prevent, manage, and reverse diabetes, all under the supervision of medical professionals. 

The journey of BeatO began in August 2015, with two school friends wanting to win their battle with diabetes. This wish snowballed into the aim of revolutionising the diabetes care system for people across India.

Soon, they launched the BeatO App to empower people having diabetes to control their condition and achieve positive health outcomes. They used technology to provide awareness of the correct information and access to affordable, high-quality diabetes care via top doctors and other medical experts.

BeatO is led by Gautam Chopra, CEO and Co-founder of BeatO, Yash Sehgal, COO and Co-founder of BeatO, and Kunal Kinalekar, CTO and Co-founder of BeatO.  

With BeatO’s Diabetes Care Programs, one can address the challenge of diabetes under the guidance of India’s quality diabetes doctors and other healthcare experts, all from the comfort of one’s home. BeatO’s ecosystem includes its innovative app that works with smart glucometers to provide personalised care insights, and 24×7 access to an experienced team of medical experts, which include top doctors, health coaches and nutritionists. 

From the website of BeatO we can know that BeatO’s medical team is led by National Award winner Diabetologist. Moreover, BeatO’s innovative, smartphone-connected glucometers and monitoring devices help you to easily monitor and get real-time guidance for your blood sugar, blood pressure and other health vitals.

One can also get personalised care at every step from BeatO’s doctors, certified health coaches, nutrition analysts and yoga therapists who can help one to prevent, manage and reverse chronic conditions in diabetes. One can easily do virtual consultation with BeatO’s panel of doctors.

What is more, one can get test strips, medicines & lab tests from the BeatO app. One can also choose from BeatO’s specially curated health foods and wellness products to manage health with ease.

One can also get the right guidance at the right time via BeatO’s health chatbot, nudges and reminders. The team of BeatO will help you choose a plan that best suits your needs, and one can also add-on health insurance specialised for one’s condition.

BeatO has received funding from time to time. According to Crunchbase, BeatO has been funded by 14 investors and has gone through seven rounds of funding. The brand received its latest funding on 16th November 2022. Some of investors in BeatO are Blume Ventures, Flipkart, Orios Venture Partners, Parkview Investments, W Health Ventures, and Lightrock among others.

On 16th November 2022, BeatO raised 33 million USD in a Series B funding, which was led by Lightrock India, with participation from HealthQuad, Flipkart and existing investors. The capital was to be used for scaling the platform, product and technology development.

BeatO has been awarded the National Startup Award by the government of India for its services to the nation in the healthcare sector and was recognised by BBC World Updates on expanding diabetes care to the most remote areas of India.

 Today with its more than 2 million users, more than 500 employees and more than 40 health coaches, BeatO is expected to effectively address the mammoth healthcare problem of diabetes in India.

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