Dheeraj Sharma

Shaping Minds and Empowering Leaders

Dheeraj Sharma


IIM Rohtak (IIM-R)

Prof. Dheeraj Sharma, Director – IIM Rohtak and IIM, Ahmedabad, orchestrates a symphony of innovation and excellence. With an unwavering commitment to shaping the minds of future leaders, Prof. Dheeraj unleashes the true power of education.
His influence has transcended borders. At prestigious educational institutions in North America, Europe, and Asia, his teachings and groundbreaking research have left an indelible mark. With a doctoral degree in marketing and a dual minor in psychology and quantitative analysis, Prof. Dheeraj’s expertise knows no bounds. Delving into the intricate dynamics of relationships in the business domain, his research encompasses the realms of workforce motivation, international marketing strategy, personal selling, brand management, social media dynamics, and ethical paradigms.
A luminary among his peers, Prof. Dheeraj is a revered member of esteemed organisations such as the Academy of Marketing Science, the American Marketing Association, and the National Conference of Sales Management. His scholarly contributions as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing Channels and as an editor of the Academy of Marketing Science Proceedings and Cultural Perspectives have catapulted the field of marketing to new horizons. But it is at IIM Rohtak that Prof. Dheeraj’s transformative impact is felt most profoundly. Breathing life into the institute’s curriculum, he intertwines the tapestry of diverse perspectives, infusing every facet with the essence of real-world relevance. Under his visionary guidance, IIM Rohtak embraces the ever-changing dynamics of the business landscape, equipping its students to embrace innovation, challenge convention, and navigate complexities with finesse.
With Prof. Dheeraj at the helm, IIM Rohtak emerges as a powerhouse of knowledge and inspiration. His unyielding dedication and unrivalled passion illuminate the path towards a future where education becomes a catalyst for true transformation. TradeFlock indulges in a deep conversation with him as he remains a steadfast beacon, empowering minds and nurturing the leaders who will shape tomorrow’s reality. 

What are your key responsibilities and goals as the Director of IIM Rohtak in shaping the institution's educational landscape?

As the Director of IIM Rohtak, my key responsibilities and goals revolve around providing high-quality education, fostering research excellence, attracting top talent, ensuring financial stability, and contributing to the nation’s development. I strive to create an enabling environment for faculty to conduct cutting-edge research and deliver exceptional intellectual input to students. Moreover, I focus on attracting the best aspiring business leaders and maintaining the institute’s financial health. In recent years, I have emphasised building on our core competencies while introducing innovative programmes like the Integrated Programme in Management and the Integrated Programme in Law. Additionally, I am committed to promoting inclusive education, reaching out to historically marginalised groups, and actively engaging with stakeholders through conferences, workshops, and other platforms. Ultimately, our collective efforts aim to contribute to India’s journey towards becoming a thriving five trillion-dollar economy.

How does IIM Rohtak incorporate diverse perspectives into its curriculum and learning environment?

At IIM Rohtak, we believe in the power of diverse perspectives and have taken concrete steps to ensure structural diversity at every level. Our latest PGP 14 Batch boasts a groundbreaking 78% female representation, while our faculty includes talented individuals from various countries and backgrounds. And our curriculum? It’s not static. We continuously review and update it to stay ahead of the ever-changing socioeconomic landscape, human behaviour, and technological advancements. By embracing diversity in all its forms, we’re creating an engaging and inclusive space where students can learn, grow, and prepare themselves for the challenges of the future. At IIM Rohtak, we believe that diverse perspectives are the key to unlocking innovation and success.

What initiatives do you undertake to enhance industry-academia collaboration and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills among students at IIM Rohtak?

We ensure a relevant curriculum by regularly reviewing industry expectations and incorporating the latest management concepts. Interaction with industry, experts, and faculty helps us develop and implement an optimal curriculum. We stay updated with industry trends and demands, adding them to the course curriculum. Simulationbased learning with live data enhances decision-making skills. Our speaker series hosts industry speakers weekly. We conduct management conclaves, expert lectures, webinars, and guest lectures for impactful industry interactions and student preparation for corporate careers.

Can you describe a leadership challenge you faced at IIM Rohtak and how you overcame it? What lessons did you learn from this experience?

Building the institute’s culture was a significant leadership challenge during my tenure at IIM Rohtak. As the institute was operating from a rented campus within a traditional university, it was crucial to establish the unique IIM culture and differentiate our identity. IIMs offer distinct advantages such as curriculum flexibility, co-curricular learning, industry exposure, and peer-based learning. Imbibing this culture among faculty, students, and the entire community was essential. This experience taught me the importance of being accommodating, persevering, and devoted to the pursuit of creating an institution of excellence.

What is your vision for the future of IIM Rohtak, and how are you implementing initiatives to achieve it?

Our vision for the future of IIM Rohtak includes expanding our presence in Gurugram and leveraging the strategic location and talent pool of the National Capital Region. The new Gurugram campus will serve as a centre of excellence, offering non-residential courses and training programmes for corporations and family business owners. This expansion will allow us to contribute to the development of the business hub and fulfil industry and government needs for policy and strategy.
















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