Education Leaders in India 2023


The Indian education landscape is on the cusp of a transformative shift, one that holds the promise of revolutionising the way we educate our children and preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. With the recent introduction of the National Education Policy (NEP), India’s education system is poised to undergo a much-needed overhaul, and the implications for students’ futures are profound. At the heart of this transformation lies the crucial role of educators, whose dedication and expertise will be instrumental in making this vision a reality.

In this edition, ‘Education Leaders in India 2023’, we pay tribute to educators at the forefront of this educational revolution. We showcase their inspiring stories, innovative practices, and unwavering commitment to their students’; growth and development. Through their passion, expertise, and relentless pursuit of excellence, these educators are lighting the path toward a brighter future for Indian education.

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Professor and Dean of Students Welfare

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