Electric Vehicles Sales Grew By 240% in December 2021

India: A huge market of electric vehicles (EV) seen in December 2021, predicts that India is going to have a massive demand for electric vehicles in forthcoming years. As per reports shared by JMK Research and Analytics, more than 50,000 new electric vehicles were registered in December, 2021, which is 240% higher than in December 2020 and 21% more than in November 2021. 

The total number of electric vehicles registered in December 2020 across India was 14,978 and November 2021 was 42,055, as per the reports. In addition to this, the demand for two wheeler and passenger three-wheelers also rose to 90.3% of the total registration. The total contribution of two-wheeler EV is 48.6%, at the same time, electric cars contributed 5% and electric cargo  three-wheelers contributed 4.3%. 

Most Vehicles Sold in Uttar Pradesh

The reports also showed that most vehicles were registered in Uttar Pradesh in December 2021. Uttar Pradesh alone contributed 23% of the total EV registrations placed in the country. There were more than 10,000 EV registered in UP alone, 13% in Maharashtra, 8% Rajasthan, and Delhi recorded seven percent. These five states are top in the list, whereas Tamil Nadu also contributed seven percent of the total registration. 

Reason Behind the Rising Demand

A large number of people are considering electric vehicles. The reason behind the increasing demand, especially two-wheelers, is people’s awareness of carbon emission from vehicles and its contribution to global warming. In addition to this, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing due to the range of factors. These includes higher awareness about electric vehicles, promotion of green mobility by the government, higher prices of fuels in recent times and difference between the prices of electric and fuel vehicles.