Elon Skips Gujarat Summit But Tesla Welcome To Invest

Gandhinagar, Gujarat is set to host the 10th annual Vibrant Gujarat Summit from 10 Jan 2024 to 12 Jan 2024. Delicacies from many countries are attending this summit. However, one of the biggest guests and the CEO of Tesla Automotive has confirmed that he will not be attending the summit, a senior government official disclosed. Additionally, the government official also said that the state is looking forward to Tesla investing in the state. 

Gujarat is already a breathing ground for India’s EV vehicle landscape as the state has a slew of electric vehicle manufacturing. The Managing Director of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, Rahul Gupta said that  Gujarat is capable of providing support to a company like Tesla as the state has a robust infrastructure and an industrial landscape. He also said, “You will appreciate that it is the prerogative of any particular company on where to invest and what to invest. So, as far as Tesla is concerned, the Gujarat’s will be more than happy to facilitate them in case they decide to come to the state”. 

Earlier, PM Modi met Elon Musk on his state visit to the United States of America where Elon Musk and PM Modi had nothing but good to say to each other. They discussed many things including the future of India in technology and Tesla’s plans to invest in India for a new manufacturing facility or assembling unit. Tesla also announced that they will start outsourcing parts from India worth more than a billion dollars. Moreover, the EV giant has also been looking to get into the Indian car market for quite some time now. 

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