Embracing Innovation and Technology to Empower Customer Experience

Ajay Sanghi  

Ajay is responsible for managing LPG Filling Plants, Import Terminals, and Logistics Networks throughout the country. He is also on the company's board of directors.

The energy sector is on the cusp of a transformative era. Innovation and technological advancements are rapidly reshaping the landscape, not just in terms of generation and distribution of fuels like LPG, but also in the way we interact with our customers. Adapting to technological advancements is not just an option anymore; it is the key to thrive and to create a genuinely unforgettable experience for all the stakeholders involved. 


Today, we stand at the forefront, observing technology not only energizes our operations but also empowers our clientele. By leveraging technology, we aim to create unforgettable experiences through convenience, precision, and care.


The technologies like Electronic Auto Changeover Device (EACD) and Truck In Truck Out (TITO) not only optimize fuel consumption and logistics but also provide real-time analytics, ensuring every stakeholder is informed. These technologies not only enhance operational efficiency but also allow consumers to have a more conscious and conscientious approach to fuel consumption. 


Focusing on accessibility, the industry is now investing and innovating more on digital platforms, to ensure that the services are within easy reach, regardless of the customer’s location or device preference. Through customer service mobile applications to responsive chatbots, customers are constantly in touch with the suppliers to receive support, unfettered by time or physical ability. 


Technology is also streamlining the Energy Switch experience, aiding customers in transitioning from polluting fossil fuels to cleaner options like LPG. It makes adoption easier, effectively tracking emissions and educating users about their carbon footprint through Green Certificates. Thus, enabling a sustainable switch to eco-friendly fuel alternatives.


Navigating the future, our ambition remains on leveraging technology to its fullest potential. The Energy industry is aspiring to unlock better applications of Augmented Reality (AR) to demonstrate the readiness of infrastructure and integration of IoT for smarter energy systems for improved safety training and protocol assessments. These aren’t distant dreams but imminent steps towards a sustainable and customer-centric future. As we expand our horizons, every stride we take is backed by the belief that technology isn’t just developing innovative solutions, it’s to create experiences that resonate on a personal scale, making our operations not just easier, but better.