Energy Leaders in India 2023

Santhosh Kumar Peapaly


AGS Geophysical Services


The global seismic survey market size was valued at $9127.45 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $12221.79 million by 027, growing at a 4.99% CAGR, according to Market Watch. Leaders like Santhosh Kumar Peapaly, Director, AGS Geophysical Services (India) a Subsidiary of Africa Geophysical Services (Oman), provide the much-needed expertise to boost this growth further. Bringing over 19+ years of experience in seismic exploration, he has worked as a Geoscientist for leading service providers such as Schlumberger, GGS, RXT and Asian Oilfield Services both onshore & offshore, in global seismic operations.

A highly motivated self-starter, Santhosh can potentially transform the oil and gas industry in several ways, some of which are enhancing exploration accuracy, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing safety, and promoting environmental sustainability. His ability to improve accuracy, efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability is playing an important role in strengthening the global seismic industry. TradeFlock interviewed Santhosh to understand his expertise, the technologies he leverages to achieve his goals, his biggest challenges and opportunities, and the important lessons he has learned.

Energy Leaders in India 2023

In the midst of the current global energy transition, energy leaders are becoming increasingly important as they play a vital role in shaping the future of the energy industry. Energy leaders are individuals who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge, skills, and expertise in the field of energy and have the ability to influence policy decisions and industry practices. Their role is transforming as the world moves towards a more sustainable and clean energy future. With the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, energy leaders are being tasked with developing innovative and effective solutions to meet the increasing demand for energy while reducing the environmental impact of energy production and consumption.

One of the key challenges facing these leaders today is the need to balance the growing demand for energy with the need to reduce carbon emissions. This requires a deep understanding of the energy industry and a willingness to embrace new technologies and business models that promote sustainability and efficiency. In fact, they are also driving change through their engagement with policymakers and stakeholders. By advocating for policies that support the transition to a more sustainable energy future, energy leaders are helping to create a regulatory environment that promotes clean energy technologies and reduces carbon emissions.

TradeFlock edition, ‘10 Best Leaders in India 2023’ highlights these and several other challenges, opportunities and encouraging partnerships between industry stakeholders and academia, and investing in research and development.

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