Sathish Kumar

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Sathish Kumar

Managing Director,

Sundropindia Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd

I nspired by a fervent mission to democratize access to solar energy, Sathish Kumar embarked on a transformative journey that redefined Tamil Nadu’s energy landscape. In June 2021, he founded Sundrop Energy Solutions with an unwavering vision: to deliver highquality solar components at affordable prices to Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns, catalysing widespread adoption in the region. From its inception, Sundrop exemplified unparalleled dedication to excellence. In its inaugural year, the company achieved a remarkable turnover of Rs. 35 crore, solely through the provision of top-tier Balance of System (BOS) solutions for solar PV projects, reflecting Sathish’s unwavering commitment to quality and accessibility.
Central to Sundrop’s ethos is Sathish’s unwavering commitment to reliability, affordability, and steadfast customer satisfaction. This unwavering dedication has solidified Sundrop’s stature as the premier one-stop-shop for solar products and design solutions across South India. Bolstered by the trust earned from satisfied customers, Sundrop rapidly expanded its offerings. The strategic inclusion of Rayzon Solar PV Modules, Inverters, and comprehensive BOS packages propelled the company to a meteoric turnover of 100+ Cr in the ongoing fiscal year. Guiding Sundrop’s ascendancy is Sathish, whose 18+ years of extensive experience across esteemed organisations like Aimil Ltd, Element 14 India Pvt Ltd, Nordic (India) Solutions Pvt Ltd, and Esv Connects puts him in the spotlight. His seasoned expertise remains the cornerstone of Sundrop’s exponential growth.
Beyond the metrics and strategic initiatives lies Sathish’s broader vision. His multifaceted role encompasses sales, finance, administration, and procurement, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to steering Sundrop towards continued success. Driven by an impassioned desire to expand market share, cultivate leadership within teams, deeply engage with communities, and maintain sustained profitability, Sathish is deeply dedicated to Sundrop’s growth. His adeptness in marketing and sales has forged formidable partnerships across diverse sectors—spanning defence, public institutions, and private industries, including OEMs and R&D centres.
With a keen acumen for negotiations, team leadership, and fostering enduring customer relationships, Sathish stands as the epitome of reliability, affordability, and unwavering customer-centricity in the realm of solar energy solutions. Want to know more about him? Check out our exclusive interview with Sathish. 

How do you see the current energy industry, especially in terms of adopting renewable energy? Are you ready for these changes?

In response to the energy industry’s swift evolution and regulatory changes favouring renewables, Sundrop Energy Solutions has strategically aligned with energy storage solution providers. This proactive approach enables us to seamlessly integrate solar with ESS, anticipating and addressing the market’s shift towards storage solutions. Leveraging our robust financial stability, we’re equipped to source and provide costeffective, dependable ESS technologies. This positioning ensures we meet the burgeoning market demands effectively, offering comprehensive solutions that align with the industry’s trajectory towards sustainable energy practices.

What negotiation strategies work best for closing deals in the solar energy sector, given your specialised expertise?

Sundrop Energy Solutions adopts a customer-centric approach, emphasising value and education in negotiations within the solar energy sector. Our strategy revolves around providing the best solutions at competitive prices while educating customers about the inherent value of our offerings. We prioritise building trust and fostering mutually beneficial relationships as key pillars in our negotiation framework, ensuring that customers not only receive exceptional products but also understand the added benefits they gain by choosing us as their partner in solar solutions.

How do you ensure a stable energy supply amid geopolitical tensions? What strategies help mitigate risks from these fluctuations in the energy sector?

In navigating the volatile solar market, heavily reliant on imported components, our strategy hinges on close collaboration with OEMs to mitigate drastic impacts. However, the present fiscal year poses challenges. Price declines and shipment delays significantly affected operations, prompting us to reevaluate and enhance our risk-mitigation measures.

What's your vision for the future of the solar industry, and how will your company contribute to its growth and sustainability?

The future of the solar industry appears promising with the increasing cost of fossil fuels and a generational shift favouring clean power. This trend presents vast opportunities for expansion and product diversification. At Sundrop Energy Solutions, our vision aligns with this trajectory. We aim to expand our horizons by introducing new products and services to meet evolving market demands. Looking ahead to the fiscal year 2024-2025, our target stands at reaching a turnover of 400 Cr through our manufacturing and distribution endeavors. This growth trajectory reflects our commitment to contribute significantly to the solar industry’s expansion while solidifying our position as a key player in the domain of clean energy solutions.
















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