Akhilesh Shivhare

Revolutionising Customer Care for a Greener Future


Head Of Customer Care EV 3wh,

Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd

At a time when every parent wished their kids to be either doctors or engineers, Akhilesh Shivhare abided by his parents’ desire and pursued engineering. This Gondia, Maharashtra-born boy went on to do his Master of Engineering and B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. Having started his career at Bajaj Auto Ltd. as a trainee engineer, today he heads customer care EV 3wh, Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd.
In his journey, Akhilesh gained expertise at Bajaj Auto Ltd., Atul Auto Ltd. and CEPL. Known for his problem-solving skills and commitment to improvement, he excelled in Kaizen initiatives and quality circles. Recognising his abilities, Akhilesh transitioned to the Technical Cell Department, addressing customer issues and improving satisfaction. He expanded his reach internationally, serving in customer care and service support roles in Nigeria and Tanzania. Currently, Akhilesh contributes his extensive experience to Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd., focusing on green mobility solutions. With a passion for innovation, he develops “fit for purpose” products and aims to establish EVs as the future of transportation. Akhilesh stays informed on market trends, industry developments, and emerging technologies. He values collaboration and leverages diverse perspectives for informed decision-making.
Akhilesh’s journey from a small town to a visionary engineer driving the future of the automobile industry showcases his dedication and passion. In his 28 years of experience in the automobile industry, he has much to share with us in an exclusive interview with TradeFlock. 

What is your role as the Head of Customer Care, and how do you support the company's mission towards sustainable energy?

As the Head of Customer Care, my role is to ensure high customer satisfaction and contribute to the company’s mission of sustainable energy. Our customer care Revolutionising Customer Care for a Greener Future Head Of Customer Care EV 3wh, Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd AKHILESH SHIVHARE EV Leaders in India 2023 16 department plays a crucial role in various aspects of electric vehicles (EVs). We focus on providing infant care during the initial stage of EV adoption, supporting technical cell and field support, training, warranty, service planning, and CRM departments. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and create a positive experience throughout their journey with us.

Can you share some successful strategies you've implemented to improve customer satisfaction and unlock new opportunities for your organisation?

While ICE technology is settled, EVs are still developing. The activities we do for ICE vehicles don’t apply to EVs. In the three-wheeler EV market, we have two key groups: rickshaw drivers and local garage owners. Their basic need is a working vehicle. So, we keep things simple and use fundamental and hybrid solutions. We follow the principle of “Don’t go high-tech when low-tech will do.” For rickshaw drivers, we adopt a “PDA” (personal cum digital approach). Our process called “Customer Tracking Cum 100 Happy Customers” involves personally contacting customers via calls & WhatsApp and “Chai Chaupal” where we meet physically, having tea with them. We address any grievances and update them. We aim to make our first 100 customers at each location promoters who refer others to us. To engage local garage owners, we organise “AEGO meets—auto electrician garage owner meets.” We showcase our EVs, provide handson experience, and invite them to our training centre. They become opinion leaders for our business. “Driver Meet Cum Service Camps” are organised for customer engagement. We treat customers as family, offering free vehicle services and rewarding them with vouchers for maintaining their vehicles well. Our success lies in effective work delegation, a clear work approach based on expertise, and growing leaders within our team.

Have you seen a shift in customer expectations due to the global focus on climate change? How has this impacted your customer care strategies?

With the growing concern for climate change, customers now have higher expectations regarding environmental impact and sustainability. To address these expectations, we focus on reducing our carbon footprint and offering clean technology solutions. Our customer care strategies align with the government’s promotion of EVs by emphasising brand loyalty, high range per charge, defectfree operations, easy access to charging stations, and technologically advanced vehicles. As customer demands increase, we prioritise transforming their experience to differentiate ourselves from competitors.

Looking at current trends and developments, how do you see the future of the EV industry in India, and how are you preparing for the changes?

The EV industry in India is experiencing rapid growth and is expected to reach $17.01 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 23.47%. Threewheelers are a key mode of transportation, and India has seen significant growth in this segment. As the Head of Customer Care, we have a fiveyear visionary plan in place. Our preparations include introducing new products with smart technologies, an extended range, and compliance with upcoming norms. We offer attractive service packages, increased battery warranties, roadside assistance, and fruitful schemes for buyers. We also collaborate with charging station and swapping agencies, focus on digital transformation in customer experience, and aim to double Customer Experience (Cx) while managing relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. Our organisation is customer-centric, and we are ready to embrace the changes in the EV industry.