FB Lite: Now You Are Just A Click Away From Your Friend

Facebook made communication and connection across the world easier. A simple app can take you miles away with the help of a few clicks only. Today, Facebook is one of the biggest social media apps, taking the world one step closer to the future. It also brought its light version ‘FB Lite’ with more advanced features.

FB Lite is an app for everything and everyone. Whether you are using an Android device or iOS, FB Lite is compatible with all operating systems. The app benefits those with little space left in their device. Basically, it is a lighter version of the app that also takes less time to load. 

If you are still using the Facebook app and want to switch to FB Lite, go through this blog first. It contains all its helpful information, including its features and comparison with Facebook, so you can make a wise decision. 

Features of Facebook and FB Lite

Both Facebook and FB Lite function differently. Where Facebook has many features, FB Lite offers a few different features derived from its parent app. The table below will provide the best comparison between the features of both apps. 

Facebook FB Lite
React, comment, tag, and share React, comment, tag, and share
Pages Pages
Events Events
Gaming Gaming
Ads Manager Ads Manager
Groups Groups
Marketplace Marketplace
Memories Memories
Jobs Jobs
Most recent feed Most recent feed
Live videos Live videos
Messenger Kids
Recent Ad Activity
Nearby friends
Oculus VR
Find WiFi
Send or Request Money
City Guides
Reels Reels
Device Requests Device Requests
Crisis Response
Dark mode Dark mode
Facebook pay
Ads payment Ads payment
Fantasy games
Blood donations
Emotional health
Emotional healthCode generator
Your time on Facebook
COVID-19 information centre
Community help
Climate science centre Save video on Facebook lite (use device storage) Meta Pay (Facebook Pay) Data saver mode

Comparison Between Facebook And FB Lite

There is a lot of difference between both apps. With the following detailed comparison, you can understand the function of both apps clearly. 


The user interface of Facebook and FB Lite is almost the same. You will hardly find any difference between the apps apart from colour placement. 

Menu Buttons 

Facebook has Home, Videos, Marketplace, Feed, Search, Messenger, Notifications, And Main Menu in its menu buttons. While talking about FB Lite, it has Feed, Friend Requests, Messenger, Notifications, Videos and Main Menu Buttons. If we compare, Facebook has more features than FB Lite. 

Video Interface 

Facebook offers short videos for entertainment. Also you can upload your videos also on Facebook. The old app only offers a play/offer button for videos. To forward/rewind, you can only use the seek bar. But it offers two unique options on Facebook. One is to cast a video to a TV or Chromecast, and the other is to rate your playback experience. 

On the other hand, FB Lite allows you to forward and rewind the video from the video only by tapping on the 10-sec button. Here you can also ‘save video to FB Lite’ to watch it later. 

App Design 

Apart from the font size, colour and button difference, you will not find anything unique in both apps. FB Lite can remind you of the old app you used in school. 

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Data Usage

Yes, here you find a huge difference and can rank the app on this ground. There is no doubt to say that FB Lite is a light app and takes very little data. The app does not automatically load the feed that saves data. 

FB Lite also has the option to change the video resolution, which reduces up to 20% of data usage. 


One of the greatest differences between both is storage which makes it the foremost choice of the user having less space in their devices. Facebook occupies over 200 MB, and FB Lite takes around 5 MB of space. The reason behind its lightweight is the low-resolution images and missing features. 


Messaging in FB Lite is easier compared to Facebook. It enables you to access the messenger app (Facebook product) directly within the app, while you need to download the app separately if using the Facebook app.


Facebook is more advanced in section since it has 44 permissions, such as Calendar, Camera, Contacts, etc., whereas FB Lite has only 33 permissions. 

Which One Is Better For You?

The following point will make it clear to you why you should choose FB Lite instead of Facebook. 

  • If you have less storage in your phone
  • If you do have to use unlimited internet packs
  • If you do not need unnecessary features
  • If you do not want to download an extra app for chatting with your friends. 

Here is the end of Facebook vs FB Lite. Hopefully, we helped you in making the right decision.

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